Lenin in Tavistock Place (1908) and Great Percy Street (1905) London WC1 (6.4.2018)


We travelled from West Sutton to King’s Cross St Pancreas Station in West Central London, on the hunt for two blue plaques commemorating Lenin’s visits to London in 1905 and 1908. They are affixed to buildings where he stayed (possibly with other Revolutionaries such as Joseph Stalin). My partner Gee used the GPS on her mobile phone and the first plaque we located was in Tavistock Place:


After some lunch at a lovely local cafe around 10m from the Lenin plaque, we then walked for about 20 minutes into the Camden area of London (through a small Regent’s Park opposite a Housing Estate), and then turned right and up the hill of Great Percy Street. At the top of this short hill is Percey circus – consisting of a small, rounded park in the centre, and rows of houses arranged around it in a circle. Although the original house (at 16 Percey Circus) that Lenin stayed in is long gone, a blue plaque is affixed to the new building marking the old spot. Although I cannot be sure, I am told Lenin might have sat in the little park directly opposite his lodgings making notes, compiling speeches and reading Marx:





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