Paul Kaye – Zionist Propagandist


I was recently researching comedian Paul Kaye’s background due to his occasional references to the working class in his humour – and was hoping to find some type of progressive political thinking. However, I was proven very wrong. What I did find was the fact that he spent time in an Israeli kibbutz – before returning and eventually marrying an Israeli woman. In 2008, her mother was killed in a rocket attack and Paul Kaye wrote an article for the Guardian condemning that attack and presenting the Zionists as victims and the Palestinians as aggressors. The Israeli military kills innocent Palestinian men, women and childreen all the time and people like Paul Kaye say ‘nothing’. Just why the bourgeois Guardian allowed a comedian to publish a letter is indicative of the power of the Zionist lobby in the UK. It is obvious that despite his persona of ‘man of the people’ that Paul Kaye often adopts, it is obvious that it is all just an act to earn money, with nothing sincere about any of it. Personal tragedy is one thing, but to use that tragedy to initiate an entire diatribe against another people demonstrates the vicious nature of Zionism, and how it is making a fool out of Paul Kaye. 

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