Falun Gong Cult (USA): Randall Effner Dies (6.10.2014)


Li Hongzhi – the founder of the Falun Gong cult – asserts that his particular brand of brain-washing and pseudo-qigong practises pro-long life (indefinitely) and possess the ability to cure any illness or ailment. Falun Gong cult practice is also believed to avert injury, with no coherent explanation as to ‘why’. Li Hongzhi is a CIA-operative employed by the US government to ‘destabilise’ the legitimate ‘Communist’ government of China. He does this through a number of ludicrous rhetorical devices, which involve a ‘Eurocentric’ misinterpretation of traditional Chinese (Daoist) culture. All Falun Gong practitioners are psychologically and physically enslaved by Li Hongzhi’s brain-washing techniques, and willingly engage in collectively disparaging the good reputation of Mainland China. Furthermore, Li Hongzhi encourages his ‘disciples’ to set fire to themselves, labouring under the misapprehension that by ‘breathing’ in a certain fashion, the flames will not hurt them. To date, no Falun Gong cult practitioner has survived the ‘self-immolation’ process without suffering severe injury or death.

Randall Effner was a prolific Falun Gong cult practitioner living in the USA. He misused his skill as a musician to create numerous songs eulogizing the Falun Gong cult. Despite practising the Falun Gong technique for a number of years, and considering Li Hongzhi’s ridiculous claims that his brain-washing can ‘cure any illness, it is ionic that Randall Effner died of a ‘heart attack’ at the age of 67 years old!  So much for a prolonged life free of illness. His wife – Diane Effner – whilst talking about Randall Effner’s continued bad health (despite 10 years of Falun Gong cult practice), also admitted that she too, also suffered from ongoing poor health (that had not been helped by Falun Gong cult practice). Such a high-prfile Falun Gong cult death has sent shock-waves through the Falun Gong cult community, as it demonstrates the ineffectiveness of the Falun Gong cult method. Together with their daughter Sarah Effner, this family used to perform pro-Falun Gong cult songs at national gatherings in the USA. Although it is true that many Western countries routinely ‘ban’ religious and political movements considered ‘incompatible’ with capitalist life, the dangerous Falun Gong cult is allowed to function unhindered. This is because Li Hongzhi supports the capitalist system and is opposed to the existence of Communist China.

Indeed, Sarah Effner travelled to China in 2002 to take part in a supposed ‘pro-Falun Gong’ protest – but was astonished to find that the Falun Gong cult is not liked by ordinary Chinese people, and has never been popular in China itself. Instead, despite seeing this reality, the Effner family has continued to make videos, write songs and even produce ‘dolls’ all in support of Li Hongzhi’s Falun Gong cult. On the face of it, it is incredible that an intelligent family in the West could be so easily ‘took-in’ by the brain-washing of the Falun Gong cult, but the reason is plain to see. Sarah Effner is married to Chinese national ‘Hou Chen’ (侯晨), a Falun Gong cult practitioner. He graduated from the University of Missouri with a PhD degree in physics – but despite this training in scientific logic and reason, he has still fallen victim to the Falun Gong cult brain-washing techniques, and has spread these corrupt ideas to unsuspecting Westerners.

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