Email: Wim Hof – A Case of Scientific Daoism? (17.9.2017)


Subject: Modern Daoism – Wim Hof
Date:Sunday, September 17, 2017 06:33

Dear Q

I am always researching the scientific verification of Chinese Daoist technique – and I note the ‘modern’ approach Zhao Bichen took by incorporating certain Western biological terms into his explanatory texts. This would suggest that although Daoism can have a religious element – its core teachings are in fact biologically and medically correct, premised upon observation and refinement over-time (through practical experience). Obviously, this lies out-side of the realm of ‘blind faith’ and lies firmly within the realm of empirical science, even though it might be described as an ‘efficient’ use of consciousness and matter entwined. I believe that in the case of Wim Hof there is a scientific verification of the medical premises of Chinese Daoism. This is not because Wim Hof is a Daoist – far from it – he is a scientist who rejects faith and extols the scientific method. His method is ‘trauma’ led – and requires a very serious and dedicated mind-set. The point is that he has been subjected to scientific testing (under strict laboratory conditions) around the world and his abilities have been scientifically proven. He appears to have developed a conscious control of his autonomic systems, and can (at will) alter the neurological and chemical terrain of his inner body, so as to survive in extreme (usually very cold) environments. As a demonstration of this, he once climbed Mount Everest in shorts! He has also been injected with a virus – which he wilfully countered by releasing adrenalin and clearing the disease out of his body. Having practised his method of breathing in more than breathing out (to fill the head and chest with oxygen), I can say that this reminded me of the microcosmic circulation (up the Governing Vessel and down the Conception Vessel), etc. Furthermore, he has trained others who have also succeeded under scientific conditions. I pass on a short video for your general interest:


All Best Wishes



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