Russian Film: Battle for Moscow -Panfilov’s 28 (2016) How Soviet Muslims Turned Back Hitler!


It is a well-known fact (amongst free thinkers and those academics that sill exercise the search for truth), that the Cold War rhetoric of the West (devised and spread to Europe from the USA since 1945), was designed to re-write history by a) demonising Scientific Socialism, and b) equating the Soviet Union, Communist China, Socialist Vietnam, Socialist North Korea, Socialist Cuba, and any State, regime or freedom movement of a Marxist-Leninist nature – with the atrocities deliberately committed by the Nazi German regime of Adolf Hitler (1933-1945), even though the vast majority of those atrocities were actually committed by the Nazi Germans against the citizens of the USSR. With an estimated casualty list that measures between 27-40 million casualties (involving men, women and children), the Soviet Red Army suffered millions of casualties (and many early set-backs and defeats), before the advance of the Nazi German war machined was first ‘checked’, and then permanently turned back by Soviet forces at the gates of Moscow. Although the Soviet government was preparing to retreat from Moscow – it was Joseph Stalin himself who refused to leave the Soviet capital – and in so doing inspired a desperate nation with his order ‘not a single step backwards!’ As the Western Cold War disinformation campaign is still in full swing (just look at the Western support for neo-Nazi Ukraine and the continued and racist demonisation of Communist China), ample funding is made available by the US government, the EU and the UN, for films to be made that re-write and ‘demonise’ the history of the Soviet Union (an example of this is the hideous and thoroughly ‘wrong’ film entitled ‘Soviet Story’ – which has been used to justify the resurgence of the far-right in Eastern Europe). but when funding is needed to make a film depicting the true humanitarian, brave and progressive history of the Soviet Union – all of a sudden all offers of international funding for Russian film projects dry-up. This is why this film – Panfilov’s 28 – had to be crowded funded by over 35,000 individual people from across Russia and the world. This story is important because it depicts a company of multi-ethnic Soviet men (many of whom were of Muslim ancestry including Uyghurs and Kazaks, etc, as well as Mongolians) – who stood together against 4 heavily armed and well-manned German tank regiments on the outskirts leading to Moscow. In the first battle, the 100 Red Army men were reduced to just 28 – but they had destroyed 4 German tanks and inflicted dozens of Nazi German casualties. In this first battle they were supported by Soviet artillery – but this was withdrawn when the Nazi German Airforce started targeting it. The Red Army men were lightly armed and very poorly equipped – but they knew that the Nazi Germans were already committing atrocities in other parts of the USSR – and that if they got into Moscow, millions more would die in the genocide against Jews, Communists, disabled, homosexuals, and anyone deemed racially inferior. In the final battle (with undertones of Thermopylae), the 28 Red Army soldiers that were left (which included a political commissar) held their ground against terrible odds – forcing the Nazi Germans to call-off their offensive in that area. Just 6 Red Army men survived this battle (disrespectfully referred to as a ‘myth’ in Western discourse), but their collective effort (and that of their dead comrades) inflicted 70 dead Nazi German (as well as an unknown number of wounded), and destroyed 18 (of the 54) Nazi German tanks sent against them! The ‘true’ history of the Soviet Union is full of selfless acts perpetuated by individuals for the benefit of the entirety of society.


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