Nazi German ‘Fake’ Photography, Mock Executions and Misrepresentation of the USSR.


(I would to like to pay my utmost respect to the French Resistance Fighter in this photograph named – Mr George Blind – whose ‘ordinary’ bravery is beyond compare, and whose example gave a glimmer of light to millions in the darkest of times!)

Following the end of WWII and the Soviet defeat of Nazi Germany, the US Cold War drive sought to re-write history and present the USSR in the worst possible light from any and all directions. One part of this policy was the accusation that the Soviets ludicrously ‘altered’ photographs to make the Nazi Germans to be ‘worse’ than they actually were. These ‘apologists’ for Nazi Germany atrocities created a whole raft of disinformation photographs which accused the Soviet of altering ‘friendly’ Nazi German photographs and thereby misrepresenting Adolf Hitler’s true intentions and realistic actions. These ‘apologists’ would have the world believe that between rounds of mass executions, the Nazi German troops would ‘hang-out’ in a jolly manner with the Soviet Citizens they had pledged to eradicated during ‘Operation Ost’ – because they were thought by Hitler to be an inferior race. However, what follows is a prime example of Nazi German photographic fakery.

The above photograph was presented by the Nazi Germans as the shooting of a member of the French resistance member – named Georges Blind – in the fortress of Belfort (Northwestern France). For a long time it was believed that this execution was ‘staged’ for dramatic purposes by the occupying (and brutal) Nazi German Army in France – using an unknown person (possibly an actor playing along). However, there is no documentary evidence that executions were carried-out in the Belfort Fortress (as no rifle shells were found on or in the ground). Many years after the war, the son of Georges Blind, (Jean Blind), saw this photograph for the first time and immediately recognised his father!  He confirmed that although his father was briefly held in Belfort Fortress after his arrest, he was not shot in Belfort Fortress. In fact, he was subjected to psychological and physical torture – which involved a ‘mock’ execution recorded in this photograph. At the time, George Blind thought he was about to be shot. As he would note talk, he was soon moved to the Concentration Camp in Blechhamer (Upper Silesia) where he died from the effects of ill treatment, torture and slave labour conditions. This photograph is ‘real’ in the sense the situation depicted involved a real person, but is ‘fake’ in the sense that the execution was never carried-out. The Nazi Germans used this photograph to threatened the French population into accepting subjugation. There are countless other ‘fake’ Nazi German photographs in existence, many falsely portraying the hellish conditions of the Nazi German holocaust unleashed on the USSR.

Имитация расстрела члена французского движения Сопротивления Жоржа Блинда (Georges Blind) в крепости Бельфор (Belfort). Долгое время считалось, что на этом фото запечетлена казнь члена движения Сопротивления, но не было известно имя человека на фото, и не было документальных подтверждений того, что в крепости Бельфор проводились расстрелы (в частности, на территории не было найдено ни одной гильзы). Через много лет после войны сын Жоржа Блинда, Жан, впервые увидел эту фотографию и узнал на ней своего отца. Он рассказал, что отец не был расстрелян в Бельфоре. Его арестовали и держали в крепости, а позже перевели в концлагерь в Блеххамере (Blechhamer, Верхняя Силезия) где он погиб. В тюрьме немцы подвергли Жоржа Блинда имитации расстрела, но не добились от него никакой информации, и отправили его в лагерь.

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