Chinese Ambassador Meets Prime Minister Domingos Simões Parreira of Guinea-Bissau (2015)


Original Chinese Language Article By:

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

On August 11th, 2015, China’s Ambassador to Guinea-Bissau – Mr Wang Hua – met with Domingos Pereira, the incumbent Prime Minister of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau (and the current President of the Independence Party of Guinea-Bissau), and presented a Portuguese translation of the Chinese text entitled ‘Xi Jinping’s Theory of Ruling the Country’.

Prime Minister Pereira stated that the governing Independence Party values very high, its good relations with the Communist Party of China, and that the country of Guinea-Bissau Government cherishes the friendly and cooperative relations with the Chinese Government in such fields as agriculture, fishery, health, education and human resources development, and is ready to develop further, the positive progression of these relations. Prime Minister Pereira further stated that he intended to study the Collected Works of the General Secretary in greater details, so that the governing Independence Party can engage in a positive exchange with the Communist Party of China regarding the theory and practice of the good governance of a country. Also present was a member of the politburo and a senior adviser of high political office.

Original Chinese Language Source Text:

驻几内亚比绍大使王华会见几比总理佩雷拉 [图]



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