Advanced Soviet Space Shuttle


 Baikonur Cosmodrom – Near Kazakhstan

The Soviet Union over-threw bourgeois capitalism (and its lackeys) in 1917, and set-about establishing a progressive and advanced ‘proletariat’ science premised upon the requirement to selflessly evolve humanity further, and not upon the limited objective of amassing monetary profit for the privileged few.  This meant that the entirety of Soviet society was encouraged to ‘think’ in a manner that developed the full potential of the human-mind and its limitless ability to be creative.  With the confines of capitalism firmly left in the past, for the first time in history, ordinary people were put in-charge of their own destinies, and humanity progressed as a result.  This required the rejection of the ‘inverted’ mind-set of theistic religion, being removed from the scientific agenda, and all class exploitation uprooted from society.  A new era of human ingenuity began in 1917 that eventually resulted in the development of a Soviet science that shocked the capitalist West.  For the first time in history, workers unencumbered by class oppression, proved that their way of thinking was superior to the greed-riddled minds of the rich minority that controlled capitalist society.  The capitalist West could not allow this to become apparent in the minds of its own working class, (as such an example might fuel a Communist Revolution in the West), and so embarked upon a programme of continuous misrepresentation, lying, deception and disinformation against the USSR. In 2015, the racist, British newspaper – the rightwing Daily Mail – ran a piece about the abandoned USSR space centre in Kazakhstan (once a part of the USSR), together with photographs of the Soviet Space Shuttle still in its hanger.  Of course, the Daily Mail deliberately ‘lied’ whilst reporting this story.  It suggested that the Soviet Space Shuttle was a ‘poor’ and ultimately ‘futile’ attempt at ‘copying’ the successful NASA Space Shuttle programme.  This is wrong. In the early 1970’s, the USSR became the first (and to date) the only country to ever establish a permanent space station in Earth’s orbit.  The capitalist USA could not do this in the past, and could not do this today. The Soviets designed the Space Shuttle as a means to carry cosmonauts and supplies to and from their space station – that was its primary (and at the time its only intended) function.  The USA copied this Soviet idea, but of course, possessed no space station to carry its astronauts to and from.  Therefore, the US Space Shuttle eventually became a very expensive embarrassment for the US capitalist system – with no real function other than carrying-out puerile experiments that had no real ‘profit’ attached to them.  This is why the US cancelled its Space Shuttle programme, as the capitalists saw no ‘profit’ in exploring space. The capitalist system could only match one or two Soviet space achievements, but was generally far behind, due to its greed-ridden mind-set.  The constant search for monetary profit diverts the mind’s natural ingenuity for expansive exploration.  The photographs in this blog entry were taken recently at the secure area, (and acquired from the Chinese language internet), and show the Soviet Space Shuttle, which the last Communist leader of the USSR – the traitorous Mikhail Gorbachev – suspended in 1988, and which the first capitalist President of modern Russia – Boris Yeltsin – formerly abolished in 1993.  This shows how desperate the capitalist system has been to eradicate all vestiges of working class science from the planet – as it is an affront to capitalist greed and the control of society through the agency of class oppression.






Chinese Language Source Article:

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