Beijing Residents Pay Tribute to Fidel Castro – China Will Defend Cuba


Original Chinese Language Text By: Beijing News Reporter Wang Fei (王飞)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Today, a number Beijing residents spontaneously gathered outside the Cuban Embassy (situsted in the Xiushui South Street area of Chaoyang District), to express their heartfelt and sincere sorrow for the passing of the great Cuban Revolutionary leader – Fidel Castro.  The Chinese citizens affixed photographs of Fidel Castro to the outer-wall surrounding the Cuban Embassy, with many people offering bunches of chrysanthemum flowers, which were carefully placed at the foot of each Fidel Castro portrait.


This activity began around 8:30 am, when several Beijing residents gathered outside the Cuban Embassy to pay tribute to the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro, during which the Cuban national flag at the embassy, was also lowered to half-mast.  Beijing News had reported earlier that morning (local time) on the 26th of November, that the Cuban leader – Raul Castro – had issued a nationally televised speech, announcing that the Cuban Revolutionary leader – Fidel Castro – had died at the age of 90 years old.


Cuban Embassy staff facilitated this group of around 10 concerned Chinese residents to approach the Embassy wall, and assisted with the preparations of this deeply respectful and moving act of mourning. Once the portraits and flowers were in position, the Chinese citizens gave speeches praising Fidel Castro, the Cuban Revolution, and the Cuban people, stating that there has always been a close relationship between China and Cuba, and that this relationship will continue to stand, emphasising that China will defend Cuba from any external threats.


One Chinese mourner stated that ‘Fidel Castro was a great world leader who has always been a friend of China.  I, and many other people, were sad to hear the news of his passing last night, and this is why we planned this simple demonstration of our respect.’  When the speeches were completed, the Chinese citizens stood in a line and respectfully ‘bowed’ in the direction of the Fidel Castro portraits.  The Cuban Embassy staff stated that they were very appreciative of this unplanned demonstration of Chinese-Cuban solidarity, and added that an official ceremony would be enacted in due course.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2016.

Original Chinese Language Source Text:

北京市民献花悼念卡斯特罗 古巴驻华使馆降半旗

北京市朝阳区秀水南街的古巴驻中国大使馆外已经聚集一些市民前来悼念菲德尔·卡斯特罗,一位市民在读哀悼词。 大使馆外市民贴上印有卡斯特罗形象画的纸。

大使馆外张贴着卡斯特罗讲话的照片前摆放市民献的花。新京报记者 王飞 摄





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