Why No England Football Team Flags?

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Probably around 14 years ago, I remember Nick Griffin – the leader of the racist British National Party (BNP) – wish the ‘racially pure’ national Danish team ‘good luck’against the England nation football team – which he viewed as ‘deficient’ due to what he termed its ‘high percentage’ of ‘Black’ players that had rose to prominence in UK professional football.  It is clear that British ‘nationalists’ (which includes UKIP and the odious Britain First), are of course, motivated entirely by ‘racism’, and that although this racism is firmly rooted within the working class support for local football teams (both non-league and league), it does not follow that ‘white’ English racists naturally support the England national squad – due entirely to its multicultural nature.  In South London, for instance, I have routinely witnessed Chelsea football supporters (often out with their children) singing racist songs and intimidating non-white people on the local trains.  Last St George’s Day, whilst taking the family dog (Xena – the German Shepherd) for an early morning walk, I was disturbed to see a round 4 or 5 George Crosses (and a WWII style Union Jack) hanging out of some windows (although by no means everywhere in West Sutton).  I say ‘disturbing’ because to me (and others) these flags are making a ‘racial’ statement of white supremacy premised upon a sham notion of what it means to be ‘English’ (which, of course, in this instance is conflated with being ‘white’).  Although ostensibly a ‘Christian’ symbol, I doubt many of these people have seen the inside of a church for many a year!  This is why the racists in the UK use the notion of St George’s Day not to celebrate British multiculturalism, but to make a statement of exclusionary ‘whiteness’.  I thoroughly reject this definition of ‘Britishness’ defined by the most ignorant and bigoted amongst us.  I find it curious that the England national football team is playing the best I have seen it play for decades, and yet whilst walking down my street recently, I see no George Crosses or Union Jacks hanging from the windows that fervently supported St George earlier in the year!  Why is this?  Could it be that the ‘white’ racists who support the BNP and UKIP, etc, refuse to acknowledge a multicultural England squad simply because of the skin-colour of many of it fine players?

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