UN Report – Japan has Serious Racial Discrimination Problem

In two days of deliberations, the Members of the Committee stated that Japan has a ‘serious’ problem regarding racial discrimination within its society. This, in part, has been due to the rise of extreme Japanese nationalism, and corresponding right-wing groups (and individuals) that through the deliberate generation of hate-speech in newspapers, through the Internet, the television and other forms of media, that are designed to promote racism and racial superiority (by declaring all non-Japanese to be culturally and racially inferior).

How the EU Uses Racism to Further Capitalism

As the EU is a capitalist entity – racism is viewed as a price well worth paying for the support of big businesses and international banks. As a consequence of this brutal policy of greed, the EU pursues both the free movement of capital and labour, whilst encouraging the perpetuation of anti-Black and anti-Asian racism – when in fact the real concern for the far-right is the mass immigration of ‘white’ foreigners. Nothing will be done about this, because it is the basis of EU capitalism.

French Magazine Le Point Labels Chinese Women ‘Prostitutes’

The routine excuse for this journalistic racism in France (which has been used on a number of occasions as a ‘legal’ defence) is that the articles are intended to be taken as ‘humorous’. SOS Rascisme 10 advised that there should be a definite limit to humour in the media that is ‘racist’ in nature and intended to alienate and insult a French ethnic minority. When asked to comment on their article claiming all Chinese women were ‘prostitutes’, Le Point issued a statement claiming the article was intended as ‘humour’, and that its contents had been misconstrued.

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