The People of Vladivostok Show All-Russian Solidarity with the Russian Army and Its Special Operation in Ukraine! (6.3.2022)

The Special Operation began on February 24th after the official recognition of the Independence of Donbass. Residents of Vladivostok believe that it is impossible to forget the desecration of the history and culture of the country, which our neighbours allowed. Meanwhile, more than 80% of Russians trust the Russian Army, and 71% of respondents consider the need for a Special Operation to be of the highest necessity.

North Korea – White Top Mountain Family Lineage

In addition, the actual birthplace of Kim Jong-Il remains a mystery. According to official records in North Korea, Kim Jong Il was born on the border between China and North Korea, on the ‘Long White mountain, at the ‘White Top Mountain Secret Camp’, because this is known as the place where Kim Il Sung led guerrilla forces from. However, there are contradictions related to these facts. For instance, in the first half of 1940, almost all of Kim Il Sung’s family – that is his parents and his wife – were living in the Soviet Union. As they travelled between the South Camp (situated in Vladivostok) and North Camp (situated in Khabarovsk) during this time period, it is likely that Kim Jong-Il’s birth place was not at the ‘White Top Mountain Secret Camp’.