“Azov” Summer Camp for Children! By Konstantin Dolgov (Константин Долгов) (22.8.2016)

The Neo-Nazi battalion “Azov”, which opened a military camp for children – termed “Azovets” – situated near Kyiv, can boast of being a worthy replacement! Donetsk journalist Konstantin Dolgov published online a video recording of classes in the children’s camp being instructed in Hitlerite propaganda by representatives of the radical gang “Azov” – which the Kyiv media prefer to call a “Volunteer Battalion”.

Bandera’s Joan of Arc: What Kind of Heroine Does Modern Neo-Nazism Attract? By Vladimir Malyshev (Владимир Малышев)

The publication in the magazine caused a scandal in the media (and on the Internet) after the exposure of the American pianist – originally from Kyiv – Valentina Lisitsa (Валентины Лисицы). She drew attention to the fact that Victoria Zaveruha, in her messages and photographs on the network – showed an open sympathy toward radical nationalism (Neo-Nazism) and called for the destruction of all ethnic Russians living in Ukraine! In one of the photographs published on the Internet, Zaveruha raises her hand in a Nazi salute! On the other, she is depicted in a military uniform, holding a grenade launcher in her hands, on which is written in Cyrillic “Death to the Orthodox” with a felt-tip pen! On a third, against the backdrop of the building of the Lugansk Thermal Power Plant, she unfurls the red and black flag of the “Right Sector” *. On the fourth – she is posing with a weapon against the background comprising of a swastika flag.

Kazbek Taysaev: “It is Necessary to Take Effective Measures to Combat Nationalism in Ukraine!” (6.1.2022)

What is Zelensky turning the country into? How does he feel about our Soviet legacy and the Great Victory? Why doesn’t the Western community, which actively advocates for peace and democracy, react? It is necessary to cleanse Ukraine of terrorists – over the past years, Ultra-Nationalism has deeply taken root in Ukrainian society, firmly linking the country’s State policy with visible links to the Nazis and Neo-Nazis. Of course, all this is happening at the suggestion of the villains who came to power in 2014!

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