“AZOV” – A Very Special Day of Recruitment for the Neo-Nazi (Ukrainian) Battalion! (23.6.2014)

“Azov” – a Special “Punitive” Police Unit created on the basis of the Neo-Nazi Public Associations “Automaidan” and “Patriots of Ukraine” in May. It has a staff of 250 people aged 25 to 30 years. 20 foreigners serve in Azov. About a dozen citizens of Russia who were originally Maidan activists, several citizens of the Scandinavian countries and a recruit from Italy.

Buddhist Monks, Sunglasses & the UK Rightwing Press

The above article entitled ‘Buddhists Behaving Badly’ appeared on page 3 of the Tuesday edition dated the 18.6.13. Astonishingly, this story takes up around three quarters of a page. It is not an original, or even a new story, but rather a report lifted from Youtube. The story evolves around apparently high-ranking Thai Buddhist monks flying in private jets, and wearing designer sunglasses. It may or may not be a troubling story for Buddhists, but the Metro reporter responsible for the story – Nicole Le Marie – demonstrates no knowledge of either Buddhist or Thai culture.

The Use of ‘Race’ in the UK Bourgeois Media.

‘With the current prime minister relegated to a small corner at the bottom of the page, one would be forgiven for thinking that he had just made an outrageous speech, bordering upon the insane, when in fact, following the media attention surrounding the conviction of the (White) killers of (the Black) Stephen Lawrence, Cameron was expressing the opinions of many right minded people in suggesting that ‘racism’ is still a problem in the UK.’