Cyrillic Chicanery! (28.4.2022)

This article referenced above ‘inverts’ everything from top to bottom. The authors deliberately manufacture a fairy-tale premised upon fictitious and false assumptions and misleading parameters. The Western-backed Hitlerite take-over of Kyiv in 2014 is omitted and instead the Donbass resistance to Ukrainian Neo-Nazism is portrayed as the progenitor of Neo-Nazism! The expulsion of Western-backed right-wing religion from Donbass and the re-establishment of mainstream religious tolerance is presented as ‘extremism’! Russian self-determinism in Donbass is viewed as ‘racism’, and so on and so forth. What we see here, is in fact a Russian resistance to the forces of Western neo-imperialism – which have always been led by religious and political intolerance! The Russian population in question happens to be in the Ukraine – but again we are having to squeeze bourgeois ideas of ‘race’ and ‘nation’ into the post-Soviet space which was defined by ‘internationalism’ for seventy-four years!

‘”addidas” T-shirt Will Deflect All Anti-Fascist Bullets’ – De-Nazified Suspect Claimed! (24.4.2022)

Lawyers representing James Cordon have issued a writ against The Sun newspaper for publishing a story stating that James Cordon was recently in the Ukraine participating in an ‘addidas’ sponsored cycle tour of the ATO – designed to advertise a weight-loss product! Cordon has stated, via his lawyers, that although he would put-up a Ukrainian family in his flat, he has never visited the Ukraine and denies any association with the man featured in this video!

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