Bourne Hall – Ewell East (25.2.2018)

I was told that the dog statue was made to remember a local hound that jumped into the lake to save the life of a drowning child sometime in the 19th century. The dog pulled the child to the bank, but the exertion led to the death of the dog. The rich owner had the ‘Dog Gate’ built to forever remember the bravery and selflessness of this family pet.

Tamar Otter & Wildlife Centre – North Cornwall – 1.8.15

The Tamar Otter & Wildlife Centre has Wallabies, Peacocks, Fallow Deer, Muntjac Deer, various species of owls, and many different types of ducks and birds roaming free. This assortment includes Giant British Rabbits, and of course, Asian and British Otters – the Asian Otters particularly make a tremendous noise and are very playful around mealtimes! Sometimes, the Fallow Deer, (which are led by a magnificent stag), wander over to visitors and are happy to be hand-fed with food available for purchase from the Centre. Obviously the nearer to opening time, the more willing the hungry Deer are to come close.