🔞The Glorious Fallen – Neo-Nazi Forces of Ukraine Defeated – City of Volnovakha ‘Liberated’… (12.3.2022)

Freedom of thought does not exist in the West – or you would be told that the Ukrainian men (and their ‘foreign’ colleagues) in the Neo-Nazi military formations (whose dead bodies you can see littered all over the ground) that ‘defended’ Volnovakha – all believed that that they were the ‘spiritual’ and ‘physical’ descendants of the original (Catholic) Ukrainians who ‘volunteered’ to fight for the Nazi German occupiers of the USSR during WWII!

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Vladimir Zelensky (Владимир Зеленский) Praises Stepan Bandera! (19.4.2019)

For instance, Vladimir Zelensky is of ‘Jewish’ heritage (has have been a number of ‘key’ movers in the ‘Maidan’ movement), but to what extent he relates to the Jewish religion is not evident from his overtly ‘secular’ and ‘gentile’ lifestyle. Obviously, all right-minded Jewish people thoroughly ‘reject’ the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ movement because they know (probably more than anyone else) the historical lineage of this Hitlerite ideology! I was told by a Jewish Comrade, for instance, “There are no ‘ethnic’ Jews on Maidan Ukraine!” – and she is correct! Just as there are no disabled people and no LBGTQNB+ people and certainly no ‘trans’ people!

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