The USSR and Homosexuality (Part IV) Dr TS Atarov and Others

Dr Atarov is of the opinion that parents must work to carefully keep their own sexual behaviour strictly separate from the obvious attention of their children (with no affection being displayed in public, or around the children), so that sexual (biological) and emotional urges and behaviours are not triggered too early in the development of the child. Dr Atarov in the USSR, and Dr Kinsey in the US, both appear to have made the same observations about the development of Children in as much as children possess a latent sexual ability that only manifests when triggered by environmental factors, but that this ‘triggering’ should be at a time that is both ‘morally’ and ‘socially’ acceptable, when the child has developed into a young adult, etc. Where as Dr Kinsey in the US equates the early triggering of Child sexual behaviour with sexual abuse (inflicted by offending adults upon young children), Dr Atarov simply equates it with Soviet children perhaps observing (by mistake), their parents in a passionate embrace. This suggests that the plague of child sexual abuse prevalent in the capitalist West, did not exist in the Soviet Union, and was unknown.

Expunging Trotsky from ‘Socialist’ History – a Dialectical Necessity

All this anti-Socialist death and destruction is exactly the political policies that Trotsky advised his followers to embrace in 1938. A question worth asking is why the Trotskyite Movement today, remains entirely ‘free’ of any criticism from the bourgeois press. The answer, of course, is that the Trotskyites support capitalism, and are not averse to fascism, or fascist atrocity. 

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