The Invalidation of the Worker – A Study of Disability in Capitalist Society

‘The label of ‘invalidity’ is as unjust, as it is immoral. It has no basis in fact, and is the Bourgeois expression of immense ignorance, developed through greed and avarice. Disabled workers, although subject to the immense pressures of social constraints, should, where possible, educate themselves beyond the Bourgeois cul-de-sac of illogicality that defines their life situation.’

Inner Freedom and Outer Social Constructs

‘It is an interesting speculation to consider what would be the case if a being were born into a society that had no wont, and therefore did not create the social conditions for inner greed; that did not separate beings into arbitrary and unjust social divisions (and therefore did not give a foundation for hatred to arise); and that provided a perfect education system, an exposure to which did not allow delusion to arise.’

Futurist Buddhism

‘The truth of the matter was that the human mind conceived both concepts – as it conceives all concepts. The error was in presuming that there existed two unconnected realms that appeared to some how interact with one another through no obvious medium – a mental plane and a material plane. After years of dispute and mutual non-acknowledgement of one another’s philosophical position, humanity evolved beyond this conundrum, and developed an awareness whereby a separate mind was integrated with a distinct material world.’

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