Email: Enquiry to Lowestoft Library: German U-Boat Surrender – May 8th – 1945 (7.11.2021)

Dear Suffolk Library

I write, with considerable interest, concerning the provenance of the attached BBC article (from 2005) which states that its content originates from within ‘Lowestoft Library’. I would like to enquire as to whether you can provide me with any further (background) information.

Mr George Smith (1924-2016) – the former-WWII sailor featured – exchanged letters with myself between 2010-2013 – as I am the grandson of one of his fellow crew-members (Arthur Gibson) who served with him aboard the Royal Navy Patrol Service Minesweeper – the HMS Beaumaris Castle (FY 992) in the North Atlantic. 

Thank you for your time in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Adrian Chan-Wyles

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