China: Socialist Law and the Treatment of SARS (10.2.2020)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

The Government of China – under the guidance of the Communist Party of China – has issued the following Guidelines in the ongoing battle to control the current outbreak of the corona virus (which originated in bats). Severe punishment (according to existing Socialist Law) will be applied to the breaking of these Guidelines so as to prevent the spread of SARS and the infection of more people (both inside and outside China). Confidence in Public Health must be maintained and protected at all costs:

  1. There will be severe punishment for crimes committed against disease prevention (and control measures) in accordance with Socialist Law. This includes diagnosed (and suspected) patients who leave quarantine areas for public spaces without permission – and endanger Public Health.
  2. Severe punishment for violence, injuries and medical related crimes – in accordance with Socialist Law. This includes (terroristic) acts such as tearing or breaking protective equipment and spitting on medical personnel. 
  3. Severe punish for the crime of manufacturing (and illegally profiting from the sale) of counterfeit medical equipment – according to Socialist Law. 
  4. Severe punishment for the crime of price-fixing (and illegally profiting from the misfortune of others) – according to the law. 
  5. Severely punish and fraudulent activity and illegal profit-making crimes – in accordance with Socialist Law. This includes any fabrications designed to defraud the public of donations. 
  6. Severe punishment for crimes relating to rumour-making – according to Socialist Law. This includes disturbing social order, provoking troubles and causing disturbances, etc. 
  7. Severe punishment for all forms of misconduct and embezzlement – in accordance with Socialist Law – during this time of infection and national emergency.  
  8. Severe punishment for crimes involving any type of interference, damage or disturbance of traffic facilities – in accordance with Socialist Law.  
  9. Severe punishment for crimes against wildlife resources according to Socialist Law. Illegal hunting, trafficking, purchase and consumption of wild animals (and/or any unregulated ‘meat’) will be treated as a criminal act.  
  10. Severe punishment for illegal acts that hinder the prevention and control of the epidemic – in accordance with Social Law. (A person in Wuhan spat on a doorknob and caused multiple infections). 

Original Chinese Language Text:


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