Mei-An’s 7th Birthday (8.5.2019)

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As Mei-An is scientifically minded, she opted for a new ‘ipad’ this year, which is expensive and was purchased by her grandmother – Diane Wyles. We all chipped in with this or that amount, and afforded the charging plug and other bits and pieces. No doubt their will be other presences, such as the bumble bee Furbaby sent by Rachel and Paul, together with all the beautiful cards sent from the family, friends and her school. 

This video doesn’t exist
This video doesn’t exist

She also went to Hobbledown Farm a few days ago as part of our birthday treat for her – where she spent most of her time trampolining! On the morning of her birthday it was pouring with rain (considered ‘lucky’ in China), and after arriving at school, her entire class sang happy birthday to her! After Gee – her Mum – returned from work, we lit the candles on the cake and took our turn to sing ‘Happy Birthday’! Mei-An – when you read this in the future – know that we love you with all our hearts!

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