Defining Hemp Oil and Cannabis (CBD) Oil

Therapia-57066161_1534207333379054_6656380189817176064_n (1)

Deep Nature Project (Austria)

Therapia (Torquay)

UK: Cannabis Oil Legality

This is a wonderful little shop in Torquay, Devon. On the 16.4.2019 I asked the question – ‘Does anyone know if this product is any good?’

Update (29.4.2019):

As this product is sold as ‘CBD OIl’ but is described on the box as ‘Hemp Oil’ – I contacted the Austrian manufacturer for clarification and they gave this reply:

‘CBD is the Main Cannabinoid of the Hemp Plant. Enclosed please find the information upon how the product you bought is produced as ‘Hemp Complete’: the raw material is extracted using CO2 – this extraction method ensures the derived product contains all the available ingredients available from the industrial hemp plant. The extract is diluted with organic hemp seed oil to the concentration of Cannabid (CBD) Oil that is needed for the final product ( 2,5%, 5%, 10% etc.) This product contains traces of THC.’

Hemp oil is extracted only from the seed of the Cannabis Sativa plant – whilst Cannabid Oil (CBD) is made using the stem, leaf and flower of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Therefore, the product manufactured by Deep Nature Project (and sold by Therapia in Torquay) IS CBD Oil. This CBD Oil is diluted to its various strengths through the use of added Hemp Oil. In this regard, the customer purchases BOTH Hemp Oil AND CBD Oil when choosing this product. Hemp Oil and CBD Oil are used for different medicinal effects and quite often the two are confused due the Cannabis Sativa plant (and its Indica and Ruderalis variants) all being generally referred to as ‘Hemp’. Where it is legal, CBD Oil has nearly all the THC content removed (the above product contains the legal 0.2% of THC in the UK). THC is the part of the Cannabis plant that produces the ‘high’ associated with the smoking or eating of the Cannabis leaf (aka ‘Marijuana’). The chemical compounds left are considered to possess therapeutic properties which assist sleep and relieve pain. In some countries, Cannabis with the THC content fully intact can be proscribed by a doctor to help with the pain associated with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. I would prefer CBD Oil to be given ‘free’ on the NHS due to its relatively ‘high’ pricing – but his is something we must work toward.


Robert Stevens: CBD Oil for Pain Relief, Fruitful Mind, (2018)


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