The Parody of History


The shops are full of books pertaining to convey legitimate history, as are the online stores and digital download facilities, etc. All the authors and publishers are competing with one another to persuade you to part with your money, purchase their books and perpetuate their viewpoints throughout society. There are ‘official’ as well as ‘unofficial’ histories, Establishment histories, speculative histories, preferred histories, orthodox histories, heretical histories, religious histories, people’s histories, reactionary histories, pseudo-histories, political histories, ethnic histories, gender histories, military histories, folk histories and conspiratorial histories amongst many other varieties, etc. In the bourgeois West there is no doubt that the political and educational elite – that strata of society that regardless of which political party is ‘elected’ into power administers the socio-economic direction – possesses a ‘preferred’ interpretation of history regardless of its ‘truth’ content or lack of. This type of ‘preferred’ history attempts to ’normalise’ the corruption of the bourgeoisie so as to make it seem the only logical and natural way in which society should be allowed to develop. Other points of view are tolerated but are starved of the oxygen of publicity or presented in such a debilitating light so as to make them seem ridiculous or even criminal in intent. Secular (bourgeois) society (ironically acting in cahoots with the Church), controls the media and the education system, and ensures that each new generation is thoroughly indoctrinated with the ‘orthodoxy’ of the previous generation, before any other ideas are allowed to permeate through. In many schools in the UK, for example, schoolchildren are still taught that the Judeo-Christian myth is real, and that Christopher Columbus was the first person to ‘discover’ the Americas in 1492! There is no evidence to support the physical existence of Jesus Christ, and when Columbus docked in the West Indies (he thought he had reached Asia!) the millions of soon to be ‘dead’ indigenous people watched as he came ashore! The ‘preferred’ histories propagated by ruling elites are inherently rightwing and anti-Socialist, as they seek to prevent a corrective counter-narrative developing premised upon Marxist dialectics. Bourgeois society is so enmeshed in this morass of rightwing (capitalist) propaganda that it is unable to ‘self-regulate’ and take all the corrective measures required. The institutions within capitalist society are default set to manifest deceit and oppression upon the general public, and are harbingers of State terror and official persecution. The only way out (which is offered) is the engagement of elements of the bourgeois system itself – such as the police, the legal profession or the ’Courts’, etc – but ultimately these collude with the powers that be and just manoeuvre you back into towing the line or paying the price for deviation. The longterm answer is a thorough Revolution from top to bottom, whilst the short-term answer is that of developing a mind ‘free’ of the dialectical pressure of the current situation. Learn to think for yourself and dismiss the bourgeois narrative of existence!

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