Email: New requirements for ads related to politics in the United Kingdom McCarthyism Returns to Facebook! (2018)



Author’s Note: Prior to the election of far-rightwinger – Donald Trump – as President of the United States, I had sizeable American audiences for my various Facebook academic projects including Chinese-English and Russian-English translations, as well as information regarding Chinese culture, history and politics. On top of this, due to the Tory-LibDems devastation of the UK since 2010, I have become more vocal in my opposition to British fascism and the exportation of fascism by the UK, US and EU to Western Ukraine and other States in throughout Eastern Europe. After the election of Trump, Facebook immediately isolated all my Facebook research and political pages from my hard-earned American audiences. This move was designed to prevent any dissenting voices or alternative political viewpoints entering the United States through social media. An isolated United States only encourages the US anti-intellectual tradition which encourages a bizarre illogical and quasi-religious interpretation of current events which ‘hides’ the truth of the effects of US foreign policy. Now, Facebook is acting illegally not only outside of the USA, but also within the UK. Facebook has no power whatsoever to behave this way in the UK – and the UK government should be applying protests and financial punishmets to Facebook for violating the international and national rights of British citizens. ACW (16.10.2018)

From:Facebook <>

Reply-To:Facebook <>

Subject: New requirements for ads related to politics in the United Kingdom

Date: Tuesday, October 16, 2018 10:00

Hi there, 

As part of our election integrity efforts, we released several updates on October 15 that will affect ads relating to politics in the United Kingdom. We believe that when you see ads that relate to politics on Facebook it should be clear who the message is coming from. To support this transparency, we’re launching a new authorisation process for advertisers in the UK. 

People who want to run ads that reference political figures, political parties, elections, or past referenda to audiences in the United Kingdom must confirm their identity with a UK Passport, UK driver’s license, UK resident permit, or EU passport, and also prove residency with a UK-based residential mailing address. 

Following ID and residency verification, a Page admin can complete authorisation by linking an ad account to their Page with a valid disclaimer. This disclaimer should accurately describe who paid for the ad. 

Beginning October 15, UK advertisers can self-identify ads related to politics with a new checkbox that appears in ad buying interfaces, like Ads Manager. Ads that are identified will run with a “Paid for by” disclaimer. We will begin rejecting ads that do not include this disclaimer, or ads that are mislabeled, in October and continue to ramp up enforcement through November. 

In addition to the new disclaimer, we’re taking the additional step of creating a publicly visible database containing all ads with a ‘Paid for by’ disclaimer for seven years. This Ad Library will also disclose some information on the audience that received each ad and the amount that was spent. 

If you run, or plan to run adverts relating to politics, we recommend you complete authorisation to prevent any disruptions in future ad campaigns. 

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