How Rife Frequencies Might Work on Shingles Symptoms


YouTube: Rife Frquency Shingles

Mainstream medical science performs a vital and ongoing task for humanity, which has the future potential of curing all ailments, diseases and injuries, but which is often hindered in this task by economic and political systems that favour the production of immediate material profit, over existential treatment and longterm progression. This being the case, large swathes of humanity exist either partially or fully outside of the medical profession and are unable to gain entry to its expertise and treatment. This is particularly unfortunate for humanity, as illnesses and injuries that are easily treatable are left to cause unnecessary pain to those suffering their symptoms. However, another side to this story is that on occasion, even those who can fully access the modern, medical profession, are unable to find relief from the psychological and physical pain they are suffering. These conditions lead inevitably to a flourishing alternative or complementary health industry, that varies in quality, honesty and efficacy across its spectrum of operation. In many cases, unscrupulous individuals with no medical qualifications set-up a system that meddles little more than the pseudo-science of faith-healing. This is not to deny the power of ‘placebo’, (indeed, such masquerades rely upon it), but there is no scientific proof that an act of ‘will’ can relieve symptoms and cure diseases. If this could be proven, then a whole new raft of medical science would develop that could by-pass the current ‘interventionalist’ (and chemically-led) medicine that humanity now practises. This would generate the new paradigm of ‘psychological-medicine’, and an entirely new way of viewing, preventing and treating illness would be developed. I would say that there has been tantalising glimpses of mind-led healing, but that these have not yet been able to be replicated under strict scientific conditions, but this recognition does not mean that the search stops, on the contrary, it serves to add fuel to the fire.

In my own meditation practice, I have not seen my body healed by an act of focused ‘will’ upon an ailment or injury. What I have seen is that the mind is able to relax any and all unnecessary muscular tension throughout the body, calm any and all manic thought and emotional processes, and make more reliable and informed choices about the environment and conditions operating within it. This ‘wise’ consideration can conserve strength at all levels of the body and mind and prevent inner and outer conditions considered detrimental to one’s ongoing health. Such a reflective attitude allows for the vital energies of the body (which includes oxygen intake through efficient breathing), to be collected and directed toward healing the ailment and injury, but this is not an act of ‘will’, but rather aligning one’s inner and outer life with the cycles of material and biological existence. It is an act of mind that clearly perceive how the biological processes operate and assists these processes by not getting in their way or generating unnecessary boundaries to healing. Even so, there still remains a ‘mind-body’ barrier, regardless of how subtle awareness become, and it is this barrier that needs transcending for a new era in human medical science to develop.

With regards to Rife Frequencies, it seems to me that the frequencies experienced resonate with the exact psychological-physical frequency of the ailment experienced. Rife Frequencies are not mysterious or other-worldly, on the contrary, they fall into the realms of material science. The question is whether they work, and the objective research is patchy at the moment. Sometimes the Rife Frequencies appear to have a positive (or negative) effect depending upon the patient and their ailment, and sometimes there is no discernible reaction. I think this observation comes down to the type of ailment and disease being treated. Of course, a patient might ‘believe’ that the Rife Frequency is physically working because he or she ‘feels’ better after treatment (which is important in its own way), but that there has been ‘NO’ measurable improvement in their symptoms. It could be that some diseases simply cannot be treated in a dramatic manner through Rife Frequencies at the moment, and that more research is required. With symptoms associated with Shingles and post-herpetic neuralgia, my experience has been interesting and should be noted. I have found that a ten-minute (daily) exposure to Rife Frequencies (through headphones) designed to relieve the jangling of the nerves caused by the after effects if Shingles (i.e. adult Chicken Pox), has been consistently beneficial in that the symptoms immediately ‘lift’ during the experience and are nolonger present when the headphones are removed. Post-herpetic neuralgia can last for years after Shingles and can come and go at any time and without warning. There are feelings of tiredness, headaches, numbness, short temper, and sensitivity to light (but exact symptoms vary from one individual to another and can include depression and other forms of bodily pain). The Rife Frequency enters the body through the ears and ‘equals’ the frequency of he ailment in the body. This ‘equalling’ appears to be the key. The body cells resonate from the Rife Frequency at exactly the same rate as the frequency of the ailment. This is a material process which ‘undoes’ or ‘dissolves’ the integral boundaries that psychologically and bio-chemically hold the ailments together and define it as an exact symptom (or set of symptoms). This process of ‘equalling’ changes the inner conditions and removes the symptom from operational existence. By clearing my mind of all surface activity, I allow the Rife Frequency to operate fully and without any unnecessary psychological or physical hindrance. In this regard, and in this way, I have experienced a Rife Frequency ‘relieving’ Shingles symptoms. Yes, the symptoms occasionally return, but I do not have to take pain-killers to negate these symptoms when a Rife Frequency is available. My own view is that the mind is not curing the body through belief, because if this was the case, I would be able to do this without the material presence of Rife Frequencies, but this has not been my experience.

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