Mayor of London (Sadiq Khan) and the Destruction of Healthy Trees (Please Help!)


I was told of this bizarre situation a few days ago by someone who is a student at Kings College (London). It transpires that the Blairite Mayor of London – whilst introducing a ‘new’ Congestion Charge – is planning on ‘widening’ roads in Central London as a means to encourage ‘more’ traffic. Why is he doing this? Apparently, despite the apparently ‘environmentally friendly’ propaganda emanating from the Mayoral Head-Office, Sadiq Khan plans to raise revenue for Office to spend on various projects by simultaneously raising the ‘Congestion Charge’ (ostensibly to ‘limit’ traffic in and out of Central London), whilst destroying landmarks and healthy trees in a ‘road-widening’ project designed to encourage more vehicles in Central London. Obviously, a greater volume of traffic on purpose-built roads will generate a greater income for London’s Mayor. Whilst cynically claiming to care about the quality of London’s air as a means to justify a new monetary fine – Sadiq Khan is targeting these perfectly healthy trees to facilitate what can only be described as a ‘public fraud’. Central London needs less environmentally damaging vehicles and fewer open roads – not more.

Please send a protesting emailing to:

Protesting letters to: FREEPOST, TFL Consultations,

Protesting Telephone Calls to: 0343 222 1155







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