Myanmar: Buddhist Monks March in Protest Against Violence in Rakhine State (2012)


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(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Mandalay – Myanmar (Burma): September 3rd, 2012, saw a march led by Buddhist monks (holding banners stating ‘Stop the Violence in Rakhine State’ amongst others) which had around a thousand participants protesting against the recent violence in the Rakhine State (of West Myanmar), which occurred between ethnic Burmese Buddhists and ethnic Muslims – with the protesters agreeing with the President’s call for peace and reconciliation throughout the region.

In early June (2012), the Rakhine State of Western Myanmar saw extensive violence and rioting between ethnic Burmese Buddhists and their ethnic Rohingya Muslim neighbours that was so destructive in its viciousness, that tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslims were forced from their homes, and to flee for safety to neighbouring countries. On August 17th, the President of Myanmar – Thein Sein – announced the establishment of a special Commission of Enquiry. The members of the Organising Committee include religious leaders, artists and former dissidents, whose main responsibility is to ascertain the “truth underlying cause of the incident”, and to propose a solution to the problem, so that the ethnic Burmese Buddhists and ethnic Rohingya Muslims can live in “peaceful coexistence”. This Commission is empowered to ‘summon’ and ‘question’ witnesses, as well as send representatives into the area effected to gain first-hand experience of the living conditions, and to listen to grievances (from both sides). Commission Reports are to be submitted to the Myanmar Government no later that September 17th, 2012.

Chinese Language Source Article:

缅甸佛教僧侣游行 抗议若开邦暴力事件

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