Tokyo: Anti-Fascist Protest (18.5.2015)


Credit where credit is due.  I do not often praise the Japanese System (primarily because it refuses to acknowledge its war-time atrocities in China), but of course, not all ordinary Japanese agree with their Government’s historical stance of denial, or its subservience to US foreign policy.  Japan has a fully functioning Communist Party, and I suspect that it was behind the anti-fascist demonstrations that erupted in Tokyo in 2015, following a racially motivated Japanese Nationalist March (with many supporters carrying the ‘banned’ flag of Japanese fascism).  Following its defeat in WWII, Japan has been manipulated and re-armed by the US as a means to confront Communist China in Asia.  This has meant that many of the Japanese fascistic ideals prevalent before and during WWII were not fully eradicated from modern Japanese society.  This US policy of re-Nationalising Japan led to the bizarre reality of Japanese Zen masters (that had committed war-crimes against US troops during WWII), being ‘invited’ to the US to convert Westerners to fascistic Japanese Buddhism (and to train in the same Japanese martial arts that had been used to kill Westerners, also during WWII), as a means to divert Western attention away from the ancient beauty of Chinese culture, and of course, Chinese Communism.  Despite this US manipulation, however, there are still decent Japanese people that ‘see beyond’ the US propaganda, and stand-up against fascism, and for the rights of others.  Good for them!




Original Chinese Language Source Text:


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