Taiwanese Communist Party Flag (台湾4个共产党)


The Communist Party is banned on the Island of Taiwan (which is basically a colony of the US) – despite Taiwan being an integral part of Mainland ‘Communist’ China.  This travesty stems from the time of the despotic rule of Chiang Kai-Shek (aka ‘Cash My Check’), following his invasion of that island after the defeat of his corrupt ‘Nationalist’ Movement on the Mainland of China, in 1948.  Backed by the capitalist West, Chiang’s regime had initiated the so-called anti-Communist ‘White Terror’ on the Mainland, just prior to exporting this terrorism to Taiwan.  Over the decades the Nationalist regime in China and Taiwan murdered thousands of ‘Communist’ Chinese – or those suspected of harbouring Communist sympathies.


The irony is that Taiwan had been under Japanese colonial occupation for 50 years prior to Japan’s crushing defeat in 1945, and this despotism and oppression had led to the generation of a healthy Taiwanese Communist Movement.  The general idea was to free Mainland China from Japanese (and Western) colonial occupation, whilst simultaneously freeing Taiwan – and uniting China under one Communist Government (led by Mao Zedong). By the time of the Nationalist invasion of Taiwan, Taiwan was rampant with anti-imperialist, Communist activists.  Encouraged by Winston Churchill and Harry Truman – Chiang Kai-Shek not only invaded Taiwan and brutally subjugated its Hakka and indigenous population to a rightwing regime these people did not want, but he set about killing anyone he suspected of being a leftist.  This policy endured into the 1980’s, when Taiwan reluctantly transitioned to a Western-style democracy.  Today, many Taiwanese have secretly joined the Communist Party of China, and Taiwan operates a more subtle anti-Communist policy – although it is true that individuals are still imprisoned without trial, whilst others are mysteriously ‘disappeared’. As far as Mainland China is concerned, the Taiwanese Communist Party still exists, and the people of Taiwan are encouraged to group together and form study groups, whilst preparing to liberate this part of China from foreign, capitalist domination.

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