How Nazism Shaped the Western Notion of Tibet

After this whole-sale destruction of Austrian culture and the instigation of fascist murder and mayhem in his country, what did Heinrich Harrier decide to do? Did he keep quiet and see how things developed? Did he join a network of Austrian resistance to the Nazi invasion? Did he work toward protecting those Austrians who were the victims of German fascism? No – Heinrich Harrier did none of these things.

The Revolutionary John Brown (1800-1859)

He was a revolutionary who raised a small but determined force of liberal white people and enslaved and free black people. He procured a large amount of arms in 1859 with the intention of setting large numbers of enslaved Africans free. Unfortunately the slaves did not rise-up and Brown and his small group was left to fight the US Army and the angry town’s people on its own.

How Midwives Survived Religious Persecution

The UK ‘officially’ executed around 1000 victims for witchcraft – but many more were killed by sadistic mobs who took the law into their own hands (encouraged by local priests). What many may not realise is that one of the crimes listed as witchcraft was ‘vile midwifery’ – a crime that demanded the death penalty. Any woman who was found to possess knowledge of pregnancy, labour, childbirth and post-natal recovery were deemed in league with the devil and sentenced to be burnt at the stake.

US Death Penalty as Domestic Terrorism

n the US the Death Penalty is used in a number of States to punish those whose behaviour has been conditioned through the auspices of the bourgeois oppression they have faced since birth. Crime in capitalist societies is the exact consequence of bourgeois oppression against the masses. Those who are made desperate through hunger, poverty, race-hate, religious fundamentalism and sexual perversity manifest these bourgeois traits in their everyday behaviour. In the US it is the individual victims of capitalism that are brutally murdered by State sanctioned violence (in the execution chamber) – whilst the State continues to function unaffected by the entire duplicitous procedure.

Sherlock Could Not See Through the Racism

Thirty-five years on, and the British born Chinese lead actor in ‘The Blind Baker’ – Gemma Chan – is asked by modern white British producers at the BBC to ‘put on’ a terrible Chinese accent that is supposed to represent how white British ‘hear’ Chinese people when they talk in England. In fact Gemma Chan speaks with a refined English accent which is easily discernible in her lead-role for the Channel 4 2015 Sci-fi series ‘Humans’. Although the word ‘ch*nk’ is omitted, Thompson provides all the stupid Eurocentric and racist stereotypes that have been evident for hundreds of years in the UK, and which form the bedrock of anti-Chinese racism. What is even more worrying about this blatant racist misrepresentation of Chinese people in the UK is that other British ‘white’ executives at the BBC vetted Thompson’s script and then ‘okayed’ it for production!

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