rules of engagement

Comrade Joseph Stalin Explaining Reality

1) This Blog is a Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR). 

2) Its guiding ideology is the Scientific Socialism of Marxist-Leninism (Maoism). 

3) This Blog (SSR) is a ‘Friend’ of Communist China and North Korea. All other associations are defined by ‘need’ and ‘prevailing conditions’. 

4) Predatory capitalism (and free market economics) is the defined enemy of this Blog – as are all forms of liberalism and deceptive bourgeois governance. 

5) This Blog (SSR) represents the interests of the International Working-Class. 

6) This Blog (SSR) advocates both ‘education’ and ‘organisation’ as key facets in the fight against fascism and capitalist oppression. 

7) This Blog (SSR) recognises the right of self-determination for each country suffering under the yoke of imperialist oppression – and for each ‘Class’ to decide its collective future and protect its well-being. In this way are (Proletariat) ‘individual rights’ defined and protected. 

8) This Blog (SSR) advocate ‘Universal Healthcare’ provided ‘free’ by the Socialist State at the point of use. All ‘private’ health is hereby ‘forbidden’ and declared ‘illegal’ as it all forms of private enterprise which is against the best interests of the working-class.  

9) This Blog (SSR) advocates a comprehensive Welfare State, a completely ‘free’ Universal Education System and Social Housing Project. The working-class will be supported and helped from the cradle to the grave.  

10) This Blog (SSR) supports the mass arrest of ALL capitalists and imperialists who have inflicted pain and suffering upon the working-class. There will be mass trials followed by punitive measures such as large fines, voluntary work, short, medium and long-term prison sentences (with hard labour) and the careful use of the Death Penalty. 

11) This Blog (SSR) hereby abolishes the Death Penalty for ALL civil crimes. The Death Penalty will not be used by workers against workers – but for a limited time of social transition – it will be applied to the bourgeois enemies of the working-class. 

12) This Blog (SSR) supports a progressive society and rejects ALL forms of bourgeois morality. All religions are to support the Socialist Revolution as a matter of mandatory compliance. Any religion that refuses this order will be abolished. 

13) This Blog (SSR) supports LGBTQNB Rights providing this community supports the Socialist Revolution. Bourgeois morality and ideology will not be tolerated in any form. 

14) This Blog (SSR) advocates and supports the concept (and actuality) of a ‘Red Army’ to protect the Socialist State from fascist attack.  

By Decree of the Central Committee (2.10.2020)