China: Exposing the US and UK Terrorists Through the ‘Hong Kong’ Chronicles [香港編年史]! (5.5.2023)

The US and UK are colluding with Pro-Separatist elements of Taiwan (a rogue region of the People’s Republic of China) – to generate ‘division’ between the 56 ethnic groups that constitute the Mainland ‘Chinese’ nation. This includes ‘White’ and ‘Black’ people born in China – who are ‘Chinese Citizens’ by right of birth. Modern China is a multi-Ethnic and multi-National State – within which all forms of Han chauvinism has been outlawed since 1949 – and subsequently ‘educated’ out of the ‘Socialist’ population! Of course, in the Taiwan region, US influence ensures that Han chauvinism is retained and that Chinese people born into the (Bourgeois) capitalist system on that island are enthused with racist and religionist attitudes that are Eurocentric in nature (maintained by the incessant US Missionaries) and completely incompatible with life in a progressive, developed and affluent China!

Although the US switched its political recognition from Taiwan to Beijing in 1979, nevertheless, the US has continued to finance and arm what is left of the pre-1949 ‘Nationalist’ regime which controls the island of Taiwan and small outposts on the Southern Chinese Mainland. Indeed, the US perceive a ‘capitalist’ and ‘Eurocentric’ controlled Taiwan as a springboard for re-establishing ‘capitalism’ throughout Mainland China and a pro-Western (racist) regime. The British, although handing-back Hong Kong in 1997, perceive Hong Kong in much the same light as the US relates to Taiwan. Both Chinese regions, although small in dimensions are considered vitally important for the eventual overthrow of indigenous Chinese rule in the Mainland. The difference is that the Mainland has direct political control throughout Hong Kong – whilst the US controls the internal political mechanism of Taiwan – owning and controlling its military (which it has provided).

The interesting point is that a vast majority of ordinary Chinese people within Taiwan and Hong Kong fully support the Mainland Chinese government and have benefitted from its ‘Socialist’ policies. Taiwanese people, for instance, have full access to the Mainland and ALL ‘Socialist’ institutions, conventions and establishment without limit! Prior to the Nationalist invasion (and massacre of the indigenous people) during the late 1940s – Taiwan possessed a very strong and popular Communist Party Branch – the members of which were arrested by order of Chiang Kai-Shek and shot in the streets without trial! Bourgeois democracy is something of a mental illness in this part of the world – a deficiency reinforced by the oppressive weight of the Bibles of foreign religion! There is even a popular rumour that the man who became known to the world as ‘Ho Chi Minh’ was in fact a Taiwanese Hakka who travelled to Vietnam to wage a successful Revolutionary War on the oppressive United States!

Many Chinese people living in the West – wary of racist retaliation from White people and their non-White allies – either implicitly or explicitly support Mainland China but must be careful not to invite direct attack from the forces of reaction. Chinese women and girls are particularly vulnerable in this area throughout Europe and the US, with many being kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered. These attacks are often filmed and placed on the internet as ‘pornography’ – which the consumers of this debauchery must ‘pay’ to access! Other White (and Black) people make money out of this racist crime wave (encouraged by the US) through ‘True Crime’ Channels on YouTube – where the violence inflicted upon the minds and bodies of Chinese people (by the agents of the Bourgeoisie) is presented as ‘their fault’.

Despite this despicable treatment, the West ensures that there is always a small (but privileged) minority of ethnic Chinese people who are brainwashed to assist the forces of regression in an attempt to enter Mainland China and destroy the rightful rule of the Communist Party! This type of anti-Chinese racism is aided and abetted by the so-called ‘Anonymous’ (Anarchist) Movement – which lends its symbolism to the ‘Kuo Min Tang’ (KMT) emblem of the Taiwanese Branch of the ‘Hong Kong Chronicles’ Movement! What I present here is the Telegram Channels of this US criminal outfit linked directly to unlawful elements operating in Hong Kong and Taiwan (which use the internet to arrange ‘illegal’ meetings and to carry-out ‘terrorist’ activities). Indeed, the US is fermenting and exporting counter-revolution out of Taiwan and into Hong Kong – encouraging kidnap, torture, rape and murder – as well as theft and the destruction of private and public property!

The Hong Kong Police suffered terrible casualties protecting the majority of the peace-loving population from these US-sponsored thugs! Police Officers gave their lives in this vital mission to protect the Socialist Revolution in the Hong Kong region of China! These brave men and women are a ‘Revolutionary’ force enthused by Marxist-Leninism (Maoism) ideology protecting the masses against Western attempts of re-invasion, racism and Eurocentric racism! In return, the ‘HKChronicles’ Movement is advocating that the names and addresses of these Police Officers are placed in the public domain (doxxing) so that the US-sponsored terrorists of the ‘HKChronicles’ Movement can attack and kill these individuals! Added to this US-sponsored terrorist mission is the requirement of the names and addresses of the spouses and children of these Police Officers also being placed in the public domain – for the purposes of kidnap, rape, torture and murder!

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