USSR (1941-1945): Guards Colonel – Evdokia Nikolaevna Zavaliy (Евдокия Николаевна Завалий) – “Female” Commander of a Red Marine Platoon! (29.4.2023)

Ethnic Ukrainian (Soviet) Woman – Guards Colonel – Evdokia Nikolaevna Zavaliy (Евдокия Николаевна Завалий) [1924-2010]

Guards Colonel – Evdokia Nikolaevna Zavaliy (Евдокия Николаевна Завалий) [1924-2010] – was the only “female” Commander of a Soviet Red Marine Platoon during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) – the “Duskin Platoon” (83rd Marine Rifle Brigade) – which terrified the Nazi German enemies! The fascist enemies nicknamed this Soviet Marine Commander “Frau Black Death”! This woman started the war as a Red Army Nurse and then volunteered for Frontline Service – she suffered four wounds two incidents of “Shell Shock”!

Many “Soviet” Women Fought on the Frontline During WWIi!

‘The doctors wanted to Commission her – but she refused. After treatment, she was sent to a Reserve Regiment – and when Red Army soldiers were selected for Frontline Duty – Evdokia Zavaliy was mistaken for a man (as she typically wore a tunic and riding breeches – like a “Cavalryman”) with the documents mistakenly reading “Zavaliy Evdok. Nick.”! Evdokia Zavaliy did not dissuade anyone – and was subsequently sent to the 6th Airborne Brigade of the Marine Corps as Zavaliy Evdokim Nikolaevich! This secret was kept for eight months. After a Nazi German Officer was captured (near Mozdok) – a “Promotion” was issued for the Intelligence Department – of which this Ukrainian (Soviet) woman soon became the Commander!”

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Гвардии полковник Евдокия Николаевна Завалий — единственная женщина-командир взвода морской пехоты в годы Великой Отечественной войны. “Дуськин взвод” наводил ужас на врагов, прозвавших командира морпехов “Фрау Черная Смерть”. Начала войну санитаркой, четыре ранения, две контузии.