Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Moscow Anarchist “Dmitry Petrov” (Дмитрий Петров) Killed Near Bakhmut! (29.4.2023)

Translator’s Note: We have marched through London on May Day (and during other Protests) as part of the Communist Movement – alongside all kinds of diverse groups – and this has included Anarchists. As they believe in a form of ultra individualism (which refuses to recognise all “Collective” organisation) – throughout history Anarchists have taken whatever side they see fit – which benefits their motives at the present moment. Anarchists carried out numerous terrorist attacks on capitalist entities in the US during the early 20th century (Anarchist actions perpetuated particularly by “Italian” emigres) – and are renowned for randomly “changing sides” during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) – putting everyone’s lives in danger! This is the nature of Anarchist ideology. An average performance of the Punk performer “GG Allin” will convey something of the “flavour” of this ideology! They appear very “Trotskyite” in their habitual use of deception to get their way! It seems that in the Ukraine the Anarchist featured below fought for the Neo-Nazi “Right Sector” – and hid this fact in subsequent interviews – claiming instead that he was an “anti-fascist”! The problem is that his actions and words do NOT match! Although I am sure that there are “Anarchists” who fight for Russia (and opposed the US-backed Neo-Nazism) – unfortunately – Dmitry Petrov (Дмитрий Петров) – is NOT one of them! I am reluctant, however, to condemn “Anarchism” out of hand – and suggest that this is a “trap” we must all strive to avoid – as “Communists” and “Anarchists” have often fought (and died) together on the same side, all “killed” by the same Bourgeois ammunition! ACW (29.4.2023)

In Ukraine, Moscow Anarchist – Dmitry Petrov (Дмитрий Петров) – died in a battle fought near Bakhmut! He died fighting for the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Cause. This is what is known about his life:

In the battle near Bakhmut – a well-known Moscow “Anarchist” died fighting on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (UFA) as part of the Right Sector (a US-backed extremist organisation “Banned” in Russia). His name is “Dmitry Petrov” (Дмитрий Петров). After his death, his Comrades-in-Arms published his Obituary – which explained that he was behind the Anarchist (Militant) Organization – that carried out sabotage in Russia!

Petrov is famous for:

🔹 Fighting for the Kurds in Syria

🔹 Setting fire to Military Registration and Enlistment Offices in Russia and Police Stations in Ukraine

🔹 Chased Turkish firms to commit acts of violemt aggression against the Kurds

🔹 Authored books

🔹 He fled Neo-Nazi Kyiv (Ukraine) so that he would not be imprisoned for advocating terrorism

🔹 He fought for the Armed Forces of (Neo-Nazi) Ukraine – joining the “Right Sector”

* Read about all this in the article by RTVI Special Correspondent Alexei Sochnev (English)

Russian Language Article:

На Украине в бою под Бахмутом погиб московский анархист Дмитрий Петров. Что о нем известно:

В бою под Бахмутом погиб известный московский анархист, воевавший на стороне ВСУ в составе «Правого сектора»* Дмитрий Петров. После смерти соратники опубликовали его обращение, в котором он рассказал, что стоит за боевой организацией анархистов, которая проводит диверсии в России.

Чем еще известен Петров:

🔹 Воевал за курдов в Сирии

🔹 Поджигал военкоматы в России и отделения полиции на Украине

🔹 Преследовал турецкие фирмы за агрессию против курдов

🔹 Писал книги

🔹 Скрылся в Киеве, чтобы не посадили за оправдание терроризма

🔹 воевал за ВСУ в “Правом секторе”*

Обо всем этом читайте в статье спецкора RTVI Алексея Сочнева

*признан в России террористической организацией и запрещен в России

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