DPRK: 金正恩参谒中朝友谊塔:敬献花圈 缅怀中国人民志愿军! (11.1.2023)

This Was Uploaded Onto Bili Bili on the 29.7.2022!

The conflict known as the ‘Korean War’ (1950-1953) in the West – is known in North Korea and China as the ‘US War of Aggression in Korea’! The average reader probably will not know this because of the racism and bias that defines the Eurocentric history preferred by the West. As I can read the Chinese script, and a little of the Korean script, I ‘shudder’ when I read what American and British soldiers did to the Korean people (North and South) and the captured men and women of the ‘Chinese Volunteer Army’! Indeed, not only did the US use illegal ‘Chemical’ and ‘Biological’ weapons – but many of the South Korean soldiers had willingly fought in the Imperial Japanese Army and were used to committing War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity across Asia!

What Kim Il Song and Mao Zedong proved was that non-White people can stand-up to White people – and even when armed with inferior weapons and far less material resources – still prevail if their cause is righteous! Indeed, all non-White should celebrate and rejoice at the great victories of the North Korean Army and the Chinese Volunteer Army (as should ALL right-minded White people) – both of which lost hundreds of thousands in dead and wounded whilst fighting the superior technology of the capitalist West! Of course, what is little known is that the Asian side did have a small number of brave Western volunteers – with a number of British and American POWs choosing to stay in North Korea and China when the war was over!

Of course, there is only an ‘Armistice’ (or ‘Cease Fire’) in effect between North Korea and China on the one-side – and the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea on the other. Although North Korea has offered numerous Peace Agreements – the US has rejected all these attempts on the grounds that its post-1945 policy is to destroy ALL Socialist regimes and convert ALL Workers’ States into capitalist playgrounds for the Western rich (similar to how paedophile ‘White’ Americans routinely travel to impoverished Costa Rica to ‘rape’ the impoverished children of that country).

I am sure the average reader will forgive my use of the Chinese language (in the ‘Title’ above) – as it is the language I work in most of the time. Furthermore, I would like to attract the attention of Chinese and DPRK readers who frequent this blog regularly – and who contact me privately. The above video features the great Kim Jong Un respectfully laying a wreath at the ‘China-DPRK Friendship Tower’ in memory of the hundreds of thousands of Chinese men and women who came to the aid of North Korea in 1950 – just two-years after the foundation of the DPRK in 1948 – and just one-year after the successful Chinese Revolution in 1949! Hundreds of thousands were killed (including the son of Mao Zedong).

Although the US (and its Western allies) deployed a force of WWII Veterans that had assisted the Soviet Union in defeating Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan (alongside Fascist Italy) – these men (together with new recruits) could not repeat this feat when faced with determined Asian Armies of people who had just become ‘free’ of Western (imperialist) dominance – and which had been inspired to achieve this through the use of Marxist-Leninist-Maoism! In this war the ‘fascist’ enemy was the United States and its racist (Eurocentric) allies – a point most Western historians simply refuse to rcognise, comprehend or understand!