The ‘Liezi’ (列子) – An Example of a Bad Translation! (27.11.2022)

Master ‘Ludz’ Has Been Pointing Out the Obvious to Generations of ‘Chinese’!

Anti-Note: This post is a parody of a ‘translation’ of this otherwise profound Daoist text generated by a European Christian Missionary whose purpose in China was to destroy the very culture he was attempting to convey to his colleagues residing at the Seminary! Like many of his era and ilk – he feels the need to present the Chinese people as being trapped in a hopeless spiral of absurdity – always hitting their collective heads against the two walls of apparent (and irrational) mysticism that defines their existence! According to these Missionaries – this is an absurd culture that requires destruction – a process which can use ‘Bullets’ just as readily as ‘Bibles’! In my jesting – I hope to have carried-out a surgical strike – using humour as a mechanism of self-defence! ACW (27.11.2022)

‘Ludz Zu’ looked deep into a cave to perceive a high a turtle (possessing half a shadow) precariously perched upon a ledge whilst being oddly chased by a felon whose judiciously removed knackers (‘First Offence’) prevented him from riding rough-shod over his own wife (or the wife of another). His friend – ‘Bolo’ – rejoiced when he saw a different man (holding half an axe) ‘running’ passed a well (possessing a shattered bucket) – but was sad to see the other half embedded in the cranium of a good friend (whom he had not seen for sometime).

Whilst looking into the eyes of a robber (riding a black horse disguised as a tiger) hiding up a tree – he returned to find his home emptied of all possessions. Pondering this situation – he finally understood that his shadow is inherently linked to his body – and ‘moves’ only when he does!

He checked his pockets and finding them absent turned North (to head South) toward the ‘Water Margin’ – observing that half the local population (certainly more than ‘three’) had perished overnight from an unusual (‘foreign’) disease involving frogs eating mushrooms of a peculiar shape whilst wrapped in a blanket. Meanwhile, the wind blew generating a refreshing disturbance – an eery silence within which nothing occurred in a manner disturbing to the native mind – and yet passing without notice to its civilised equivalent. Ludz Zu realised at this juncture that no amount of ointment would prevent the culture of China from being mistakenly perceived (and ‘misrepresented’) as being ‘back to front’ – by those who think their ancestors transformed into werewolves…