China (Jiangxi): ‘Hu Xinyu’ (胡鑫宇) – 15-Year-Old ‘Male’ Student Missing Since October 14th, 2022! (25.11.2022)

Translator’s Note: Although I include the ‘English’ language version of this news article below – I have also accessed the original Chinese language equivalents. Hu Xinyu’s mother – Mrs Li (李) – has said:

“The distance between the dormitory to the teaching building is less than 100 meters. I can’t imagine what happened.”

Her son – 15-year old ‘Hu Xinyu’ – was walking the less than 100 meters between the dormitory block and the education block when he ‘disappeared’ from view (never to re-emerge) in the less than 10-meter surveillance ‘blind-spot’ on the pathway between the two areas.

Interestingly, the released video of the incident clearly shows Hu Xinyu was not alone at the time of his disappearance – and that there were a number of students (and Staff) moving around in the immediate vacinity (as he headed toward an evening lecture). According to Hu’s parents – the surveillance video from Oct. 14th, 2022 (and earlier) at the school was ‘deleted’ prior to any investigation taking place.

Hu Xinyu left his ID card, money, and watch-phone in the dormitory – but carried a digital voice recorder and his school access-card. The water-tank on the roof of the school (and the nearby lakes) have been drained – whilst all kinds of Specialist Equipment (including Rescue and Recovery Dogs) has been used by the Search and Rescue Teams that have been looking in the dense countryside surrounding the school for over 32-days! Even the Dustbin Lorries and Refuge Bins have been checked – but to no avail!

Certain reports suggest that Hu Xinyu had been ‘upset’ prior to his disappearance (according to information given by his mother) – but with no reason known for this response. Speculations include a failed love-affair or ‘bullying’ of some type (which is rare in China). Some people have blamed the parents for ‘not caring enough’ about the psychological and physical well-being of their child (as Hu Xinyu may have suffered from minor psychological issues) – but all this remains purely theoretical at this point. As He never had his mobile telephone, cashcard with him, it would appear that he did not plan to deliberately leave the school. Particularly as he did take his voice recorder (to record the lecture) and his foodcard with him to acquire a meal! Foul play is expected as it would seem that barring a freak accident – Hun Xinyu was ‘kidnapped’ and forcibly ‘removed’ from the school grounds! ACW (25.11.2022)

(ECNS) — Hu Xinyu, a 15-year-old student at Zhiyuan Senior High School in Qianshan County, Jiangxi Province, has been missing since Oct. 14th, 2022.

Video surveillance shows that Hu was last seen in the school’s dormitory building at 5:48 p.m. on October 14th, 2022. His parents found he left his ID card, cash, and watch phone in the dormitory but carried a digital voice recorder and his school card.

Usually, night classes begin at 6:05 p.m., so he was supposed to go to class after leaving the dormitory. But there is a more than 10-meter surveillance blind spot on the pathway between his dormitory to the classroom.

A student’s parent told reporters that the spot the boy went missing is a small hillside with dense vegetation, pavilions, stone benches, and stone tables. It is also a quiet study corner for students.

Surveillance video shows that 13 vehicles entered and exited the school on the night Hu lost contact. Police checked them one by one but found nothing unusual. 

The Released Video Shows the Last Moments Hu Xinyu Was Seen!

Local police and several rescue teams have deployed police dogs, drones, a 3D search and thermal imaging. They have also searched all locations where he might have gone.

According to Hu’s parents, the surveillance video from Oct. 14 and earlier at Hu’s school were deleted by someone.

The investigation is still underway.

Meanwhile – Life Carries on as Usual at Zhiyuan Middle School!

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