China: Internet Rumours Regarding Hu Xinyu’s (胡鑫宇) Disappearance – True or False? (25.11.2022)

Hu Xinyu (胡鑫宇) is a 15-year-old youth who went missing whilst on his way to a lecture (whilst still upon school grounds) at the Zhiyuan Middle School he was boarding at – situated in Jiangxi province – during the evening of the October 14th, 2022! This school is paid for by the parents of the students attending – but Xu Xinyu was so clever that he passed special examinations and qualified for a scholarship to assist his family in paying the fees. Just as can be seen with similar ‘disappearance’ cases in the West – the Chinese language internet is also a buzz with all kinds of rumours! Are any of these rumours ‘true’? Only time will tell – meanwhile this is a list of the most poignant speculations surrounding this case: 

1) Search dogs found a bloody garment during the search. Whether it belongs to Hu Xinyu remains to be determined. Alarm signals were raised by Search and Rescue (and ‘Cadaver’) Dogs on the second floor of the dormitory building and across two walls of the school. However, when the search was about to continue – the School Authorities forcibly prevented any further action! 

2) There is a live recording on the Internet. This recording purportedly shows Hu Xinyu being beaten to death. The person responsible went to the principal to report the matter. The body of Hu Xinyu was not disposed of that day – but was ‘hidden’ from view. When the Police came to search – the School Authorities deliberately closed-off three rooms and the cafeteria – which were not allowed to be searched. What was being covered-up? 

3) This recording was posted on the Internet. When the Hu family members were video recording their visit to the Zhiyuan Middle School – an ‘unidentified’ teacher (with a ‘bald’ head) refused to let the Hu family proceed with the recording – and made them drop their mobile telephones by threatening them with violence! 

4) The Zhiyuan Middle School surveillance video has been restored by a Senior Engineer. The restored footage revealed suspicious people relevant to the case. In addition to the Management Staff of the surveillance room – there was also the Principal and an ‘unidentified’ (bald-headed) teacher active in the Surveillance Room. Netizens have speculated that they were deleting (or ‘altering’) surveillance records. In the restored video concerned – it was also seen that something wrapped in a white quilt was thrown from the second floor of the dormitory building. Whether this news is related to the alarm signal raised by the Search and Rescue Dogs has yet to be verified by the Police. Moreover, the shape of the thrown quilt is suspicious. Normally, a quilt thrown from a height tends to fall into a non-descript heap – but this quilt retained a ‘rectangular’ shape – leading some to speculate that it may have been hiding a ‘body’.  

5) It is rumoured that a 19-year-old student of Zhiyuan Middle School went previously missing prior to the Hu Xinyu incident – and that this disappearance has been ‘covered-up’ by the School Authorities! 

6) On July 6th this year (2022) – a girl named ‘Ding Jiayi’ (丁佳怡) – inexplicably fell to her death at the Zhiyuan Middle School! The specific cause of death has still yet to be ascertained. Ding Jiayi’s parents stated that their daughter had just finished an examination on the day of the incident – and they then received the news that she had fallen from the building! Why did a young girl suddenly fall from such a building? The School is rumoured to have paid 1.5 million yuan in compensation to the Ding family! 

7) A dead body was recently discovered in the Xinjiang area. This is a highly unusual occurrence for the usually very peaceful and tranquil farming province. There is speculation that the Police think that this body might be that of Hu Xinyu – and if it is not his body – then whose body is it? Xinjiang is situated 2,262 miles ‘North-West’ of Jiangxi province!  

8) It is reported (on the Internet) that the School Authorities of Zhiyuan Middle School (together with the ‘bald’ teacher) – have been able to suppress the disappearances (and deaths) of a number of students! It seems that their actions are from aimless! Is it the lure of criminal activity, the inadequacy of existing laws or the unseen ‘sorrow’ of everyday human existence that has triggered and ‘hidden’ these types of crime?  

Chinese Language Article:

江西学生胡鑫宇失踪案 网传 很多 重大 消息 是真是假? 




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