Russian Buddhism: Guard Colonel – Vitaly Sukuev (Виталий Сукуев) – Gives His Life Fighting Ukrainian Neo-Nazism in Kherson! (17.11.2022)

A Colonel from Buryatia Who Died During Military Service – Was Awarded the Title of Hero of Russia!

Guard Colonel Vitaly Sukuev has been posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Russia. This was announced by the Head of the Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia – Damba Ayusheev (Дамба Аюшеев).

During the Special Military Operation, this brave Officer Commanded the 108th Airborne Assault Regiment. He died during the fighting in the Kherson region on September 28th, 2022!

“Order Number 814 – dated November 14, 2022. Tomorrow in the village of Nizhny Burgaltai there will be a Khural for 49 days. This is a special Buddhist Ceremony ensuring Vitaly solemnly leaves this world and enters the next life as a Hero! This is a very expensive ritual for a Buddhist family to arrange.” said Ayusheev.

Earlier, representatives of the organization of Soviet and Russian Veterans named “Combat Brotherhood” – addressed the President of Russia with a request to assign the title of “Hero” to the deceased Colonel (and to grant financial assistance to his family at this time of need). According to colleagues, Vitaly Sukuev was nominated for the Golden Star four times in 24 years of selfless Military Service to Russia!