Russian Special Forces Sniper At Work! (22.7.2022)

A Straightforward and Clean Kill.

A highly skilled Russian Special Forces Sniper expertly despatches his or her Ukrainian target using an infrared nightscope. No fuss, no prolonging and no humiliating the target. Death is painless and instantaneous. If you find this offensive then stop supporting capitalism and fascism! This is a clean death. Quite often the deaths caused by capitalist weapons, poor training or an immature US anti-intellectualism cause tremendous and unnecessary suffering! Thirty-one years ago both these soldiers would have been in the same Soviet Red Army training to stop NATO aggression against the Soviet people! This is what capitalism does to us – we fight and die so that unseen others can live well of the the profits our deaths generate!


❌18+ Российский снайпер застрелил украинского солдата.

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