Ukraine Reconstructed Whilst Neo-Nazi Insurgency Continued! (21.7.2022)

The Ukraine Had Been Devastated by the Nazi Germans Between 1941-1943!

Translator’s Note: The fight against Ukrainian Nazism continued after WWII ended, with thousands of Ukrainuan Catholics continuing to hold out in the forested areas of West Ukraine – led by Nazi German Officers! As the Red Army moved on toward Berlin, the Special Forces of the NKVD were moved into the area and they had to fight a bitter two-year war (1945-1947) before the ‘Neo-Nazis’ of Ukraine were destroyed as a fighting force. Part of their weaponry supplies were found to be rifles and ammunition supplied by the West and delivered by the Vatican! All this killing was happening in the far West of the Ukraine from 1943-1947 (after the bulk of the Nazi German Army has been ousted) – whilst the Soviet Authorities were attempting to reconstruct East and Central Ukraine! Meanwhile, Churchill agreed with the Pope that 10,000 Ukrainian SS Volunteers could be flown to live out their lives in Scotland – disguised as Poles! The Catholic Church helped thousands of Nazi War Criminals after WWII to escape justice and are a prime mover behind today’s conflict! ACW (21.7.2022)

A new multimedia historical section dedicated to the restoration of the national economy of the Ukrainian SSR during the Great Patriotic War is being launched by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The department published reports on the assistance provided by the forces of the 4th Ukrainian Front to the agricultural enterprises of Zaporozhye and Nikolaev in the spring sowing campaign of 1944, certificates on the transfer of livestock to the most affected collective farms of the Ukrainian SSR, documents on the distribution of grain between the settlements of Transcarpathian Ukraine and other documents.

Also in the section “Reviving Ukraine from the Ashes” many letters from workers of enterprises, collective farms and ordinary citizens of Ukrainian regions and cities are published, which testify to the gratitude and mass support of the Red Army. They also tell about the contribution of the collected personal savings for the construction of tank columns “Soviet Ukraine”, “Young Guard”, “Collective Farmer of the Sumy Region” for the further fight against Nazi Germany.

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Новый мультимедийный исторический раздел, посвященный восстановлению народного хозяйства Украинской ССР в годы Великой Отечественной войны, запускает МО РФ.

Ведомство опубликовало доклады об оказании помощи силами 4-го Украинского фронта сельхозпредприятиям Запорожья и Николаева в весенней посевной кампании 1944 года, справки о передаче поголовья скота наиболее пострадавшим коллективным хозяйствам УССР, документы о распределении хлеба между населенными пунктами Закарпатской Украины и другие документы.

Также в разделе “Из пепла Украину возродив” опубликованы множества писем работников предприятий, колхозов и рядовых граждан украинских областей и городов, которые свидетельствуют о благодарности и массовой поддержке Красной Армии. Также в них рассказано о внесении собранных личных сбережений на строительство танковых колонн “Советская Украина”, “Молодая гвардия”, “Колхозник Сумщины” для дальнейшей борьбы с гитлеровской Германией.

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