Is the West Planning a Massive ‘NATO’ Counter-strike? (18.7.2022)

By the term ‘West’, I do, of course, mean the ‘United States’ (US) and its Western-European Allies that form the ‘North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’ – A US-dominated, US-armed and US-led international military organisation (founded in 1949) – developed to militarily threaten and oppose the Communist Bloc (of Eastern European ‘Socialist’ countries liberated in 1945 by the Soviet Red Army) – and thereby to directly oppose the Soviet Union. As the US could not directly control the more democratic ‘United Nations’ (UN) – which had been co-found by the USSR and included the entire world – the American leadership wanted an aggressive military association it directly armed, coordinated and controlled! Such an aggressive entity would operate under the fiction of ‘defence’ – and be tasked with goaded the Communist Bloc and the USSR into an actual war (which would have been fought primarily in Europe), or a pseudo war whereby the USSR would be goaded by NATO aggression to participate in an expensive and continuous arms race! The peace being maintained by the inherent threat presence in each new generation of ever-more destructive and efficient systems of weaponry. 

The early NATO advisors and directors were former members of the Nazi German regime and chosen for their roles by the US because of the inherent anti-Communist views they possessed. Since 1991, despite constant reassurances to the Soviet and Russian governments, the US has continued to extend the borders of NATO ever closer to the borders of Russia. Whereas ex-Nazi Germans were utilised to lead and develop NATO coherency and aggression, in the 1991 post-Soviet space, the US has cultivated various Neo-Nazi and Neo-Nazi friendly regimes throughout Eastern Europe – due to their anti-Russian attitudes – which have then been favoured by the US, UK and EU through trade, political favour and military assistance, etc. As capitalism is amoral (whilst pretending to ‘care’ and ‘not care’ about all types of issues), its propagators mix and match the prevailing narratives and commentaries according to need and prevailing conditions.  

Whereas the political left has been associated with freedom movements for centuries, the US and its allies have striven to change this since 1945 – and particularly since the defeat of the US during its wars of aggression in Korea (1950-1953) and Vietnam (1955-1975) – the US has fabricated the false dichotomy that it is the political right-wing (and the far-right) which fights for the freedom of the people – and the left-wing (and far-left) which oppress the masses! This reversal of reality is anti-intellectual and ahistorical, but it is also the basis of most education systems throughout the Western world, as well as the basis for virtually all Western-hemisphere political systems! Indeed, this is exactly the world as Mussolini and Hitler saw it writ large and normalised across the Western world! In other words, despite the US position being patently ‘false’, this does not stop this mode of thinking being emphasised and preferred as the baseline for all US, UK and EU political and educational systems.  

This inverted and false method of interpreting and assessing reality is robust and survives even being proven completely incorrect and inaccurate, as it is officially endorsed at every turn and in all circumstances. The political, educational, judicial and media systems work together to coordinate the State apparatus that tell the general public when to think and when to think it. Every news bulletin, radio broadcast, advertisement, political statement and educational course clearly exhibit the preferred line of the government – with law enforcement ‘threatening’ those who see through this deception, or who disagree with the official position. The onus is upon conformity and not ‘free thinking’ – which is ironic as the US likes to pride itself upon the false notion that its system of governance is superior because it allows, encourages and protects the capacity to ‘think freely’! The reality is (and has been for decades) that NATO blanket-bombing soon follows any trends of ‘free thought’ that do not support or reflect the current (preferred) US narrative.  

The Obama-led US has deliberately encouraged, armed and funded the Neo-Nazo ‘Euro-Maidan’ Junta which illegally seized power in the Ukraine during early 2014. This movement is motivated by a rabid anti-Russian racism which erupts from a support of Hitler’s Anti-Soviet position which linked ‘Jews’ with ‘Bolsheviks’ and advocated the genocidal eradication of both! As the USSR eventually defeated Hitler and his Allies, the Neo-Nazi Movement today, expresses this anti-Soviet position as ‘anti-Russian’ rhetoric – a rhetoric the US encourages and uses to propagate anti-Russian hatred throughout the post-Soviet space that looks not toward Russia for cultural inspiration and protection – but instead toward the West, the United States and the European Union (EU)! Ironically, whereas modern Germany is forgiven for the Holocaust and the 41 million its Hitlerism murdered in the USSR – the German government openly ships arms to the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv whilst issuing anti-Russian rhetoric at every turn! In this support for Ukrainian Neo-Nazism, modern Germany is joined by the Catholic Church and every other member of the European Union (EU) and the UK! 

Since February 24th, 2022, the Russian Federation has been involved in a perfectly legal military operation clearing-out the unwanted Ukrainian Forces from the sovereign territories of Donbass. Russia formally recognised these States on February 21st, 2022, and immediately granted military assistance after the Heads of the now sovereign Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republic requested it! Since then, both ‘Syria’ and ‘North Korea’ have also recognised these States. The UN has confirmed that Russia is doing nothing ‘illegal’ – and yet the US-led Western media has continuously reflected the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi point of view! School children in the UK are being taught that Russia is ‘evil’ and that Neo-Nazi Ukraine is ‘good’ – missing-out the fact that their great grandfathers fought in WWII against the Nazi ideology that Ukraine now upholds – or that the UK fought and defeated Nazi Germany between 1939-1945 (as an ally of the USSR between 1941-1945)! This is how US anti-intellectualism is being allowed to destroy genuine British history and replace with a US manufactured falsehood that is friendly toward Nazism and Neo-Nazism! 

My concern (after having established all of the above) is that the West is allowing Russia to slowly but surely roll its military forces through Donbass without incident – but are waiting to initiate a massive technology-led counterstrike which will turn the Donbass and Western Russian into a wasteland and kill tens of thousands of people as a consequence! Although this is a conflict between Bourgeois States – I cannot but think there are certain machinations going on behind the scenes which might yet result is some unusual happenstance! I think it has long been known that the average Russian soldier is a tough and dedicated individual who is not easy to beat whether he (or she) is defending Czarism, Communism or capitalism! What this means is that NATO has probably developed one or two unusual weapons that the Russians either know nothing about or do not fully understand the implications of. These weapons do not require large infantry battles but rather remove the need for such encounters! They probably act like a highly localised nuclear explosion but without the usual (and expected) long or short-term consequences! Entire areas can be ‘de-populated’ and the enemy removed whilst leaving the territory open for NATO colonisation! It could also be the case that such weaponry might include the ability to negate Russia’s nuclear arsenal – thus removing her ability to strike at the heart of the US, UK or Europe in a retaliatory strike!  

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