Russian Media Compares NATO to Nazi Germany and Her Axis Allies! (16.7. 2022)

Translater’s Note: Russia’s thinking is thoroughly bourgeois, paranoid and quite frankly purely ‘nationalistic’! Today, the US, UK and EU are supporting and arming Neo-Nazi Ukraine – this is a fact that speaks for itself. Now, just as in 1941, the Catholic Church is behind this conflict (just as the Russian Orthodox Church supports and advocates Pan-Slavic racism and homophobia)! The US and UK where never a part of the ‘Axis’ fascist powers that attacked the USSR! Furthermore, so much of the liberal left (and its attitudes) in the contemporary West are the direct consequence of the cultural pressure exerted by USSR on the rest of the world by its ‘Internationalism’ and progressive attitudes towards every aspect of human existence! Modern Russians, when they see this cultural inheritance of the USSR, literally ‘hate’ what has been produced and falsely ascribe this ‘tolerant’ attitude to a ‘conspiracy’ generated by the EU to undermine the the cultural dominance of the ‘White’ Russian (Slavic) male! As a Communist I will not stand for this madness! Russia is right to oppose Ukrainian Neo-Nazism – but wrong to resort to an equally repugnant Pan-Slavism which is as hate-filled as Hitlerism! ACW (16.7.2022)

Nazi Germany and its allies on the eve of the attack on the USSR and NATO countries today

An interesting comparison appeared in the Russian media. History develops in a spiral.

From a letter from A. Hitler to I.V. Stalin, May 1941:

“A significant number of my troops, about 80 divisions, are located near the borders of the Soviet Union. Perhaps this gives rise to rumors about the possibility of a military conflict between us. I want to assure you – and I give you my word of honor that this is not true.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, January 2022:

“NATO is a defensive alliance that does not threaten Russia or any other country”

Russian spirit 

Нацистская Германия и её союзники накануне нападения на СССР и страны НАТО сегодня

Любопытное сравнение появилось в российских СМИ. История развивается по спирали.

Из письма А.Гитлера И.В.Сталину, май 1941 года:

«Значительное число моих войск, около 80 дивизий, расположены у границ Советского Союза. Возможно, это порождает слухи о возможности военного конфликта между нами. Хочу заверить Вас – и даю слово чести, что это неправда»

Генсек НАТО Йенс Столтенберг, январь 2022 года:

«НАТО – это оборонительный альянс, который не угрожает России или какой-то другой стране»

Русский дух 🇷🇺



    “..the Duke of Windsor ..ties to Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party..”:

    “..Adolf Heusinger was a top commander of Nazi Germany’s army during WWII. He later led capitalist West Germany’s army. Then he became chairman of the NATO Military Committee. Former Nazi general Hans Speidel also became commander-in-chief of the US empire’s NATO military cartel…”:

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    1. Thank you Comrade! The dialectical process is going well! I very much appreciate your input, time and consideration!


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