More On Paul Ury: Captured British Mercenary?

Translator’s Note: Although the Western media is following US dictates and falsely presenting Neo-Nazi Ukraine as being ‘liberal’ and capitalist Russia as being ‘Neo-Nazi’ (the typical Judeo-Christian simplistic dichotomy of ‘good’ versus ‘evil’), the truth is far more complex. The Ukraine has had a US-backed Neo-Nazi government since the West placed this Junta into power during early 2014 but part of its media-camouflage is that it ‘tolerates’ homosexuality and so cannot possibly be Hitlerite! (The Neo-Nazi Movement worldwide follows Hitler’s condemnation of ‘gayness’ – with the Ukraine pretending it is all OK). Russia, after thirty-one years of capitalist, religious and right-wing indoctrination opposes the ideology of Neo-Nazism (due to Hitler declaring the Slavic people to be racially ‘unfit’ and the fact that the Nazi Germans killed around 41 million Soviet men, women and children between 1941-1945) – but retains many aspects of a very similar far-right ideology primarily through Pan-Slavic ideology (the same ideology that inspired thousands of Scandinavian youths to ‘volunteer’ for Hitler’s SS Divisions and fight against the USSR)! Therefore, young Russians exhibit every aspect (in their attitudes) of the Bourgeois State their minds and bodies now inhabit. Non-White racism is common as is homophobia – but Russia rejects Neo-Nazism due to modern Russia being a direct offshoot of the USSR (and yet it is clear that the USSR would have militarily and ideologically opposed modern Russia due to its bourgeois and reactionary attitudes)! I also note that ‘lying’ within the Russian media has increased as their military operation has advanced and become ever more successful. Meanwhile, the Communist Party of Russia – and its two offshoots – the Communist Parties of Donetsk and Lugansk – say and do absolutely ‘nothing’ about these conditions or the dialectical contradictions they express. The truth is that modern Russia is fighting an ideology in the Ukraine that its population shares so many attitudes with!  

I know nothing about ‘Paul Ury’ but can offer one or two comments that shed doubt on the Russian version of events. The Western media (which routinely ‘lies’ and which is engaged in one of the biggest ‘lies’ since its 1989 fabrication of the ‘Tiananmen Square’ Incident), states that Paul Ury was a humanitarian aid worker who was kidnapped from Ukraine territory (far to the West of Donbass and nowhere near the fighting or the disputed territory) by a Russian ‘Special Forces’ snatch-squad and forcibly taken to the territory of the DPR. The point of this seems to be that he could then be used as a political pawn when negotiating with the British government. The Russian view is that Paul Ury was a military mastermind (he is described in various sources as a ‘Head’ of military units and a ‘Planner’ of various attacks), who had fought in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya! Oddly, the Russians state he was a ‘Head’ as in a high-ranking Officer presumably sat behind a desk and cleverly allocating military resources to this area or that area – and watching the results of his victories come – and yet he was captured leading a small squad of men at a DPR checkpoint and gave-up without a fight! A squad-leader is NOT a high-ranking military planner – and here is the first glaring contradiction. Secondly, why would a combat-fit British mercenary with British Army experience enter a warzone whilst suffering from a number of debilitating ‘chronic’ illnesses that require continuous treatment (including Type 1 Diabetes as well as damage to the respiratory system, kidneys and a number of cardiovascular diseases)? This is glaring contradiction number two. Contradiction number three involves the fact that there is not a single photograph of Paul Ury wearing a military uniform of any description! This is odd considering he was captured ‘leading’ a military unit in an attack upon DPR territory! What we find almost continuously throughout Russian media is the use of photographs of a uniformed Aiden Aislin being mislabelled as ‘Paul Ury’ – or parts of British NATO uniforms worn by someone else being positioned next to photographs of a casually dressed Paul Ury! Indeed, all the pictures I can find of Paul Ury show him wearing casual civilian clothing.  

Another version of the story states that two Britons – Paul Ury and Dylan Hailey – were detained by Russia Forces at a checkpoint in the Zaporozhye region of DPR territory. The two men were attempting to deliver humanitarian aid when they were ‘detained’ after being accused of being British mercenaries attempting to infiltrate the area ‘disguised’ as humanitarian workers. Yet another version states that the two British men were attempting to ‘extract’ a family from the DPR and remove these people to Neo-Nazi controlled Ukraine! A few days after the detention, it is said that a video was published online (which I cannot find) in which a handcuffed Paul Ury can be seen criticizing the British government and attacked the British media. According to the Western media – his mother is quoted as saying her son would never say these things and that he is obviously being ‘forced’ by his Russian captors! British Special Forces would certainly not recruit, train or field operatives with debilitating illnesses – so it is unlikely he was on a ‘secret mission’. Perhaps we can call this ‘glaring contradiction number four’. Certain anti-Russian media outlets in the West are suggesting Paul Ury never survived the interrogation process (a leftover anti-Russian attitude prevalent during the days of the USSR), but it is clear from the examples of the genuine British mercenaries such as Aiden Aislin and Sean Pinner, as well as Americans Alexander Druke and Andrew Hyun – the filmed interrogations are relatively sedate! Whatever the case, Russia should tighten-up its media and stop the simplistic manipulation as it is not needed! Fighting a Western-backed Neo-Nazi regime is good and right. What Russia has to avoid is bringing down a co-ordinated NATO strike which would be technology-led and lead to the deaths of tens of thousands! ACW (16.7.2022) 

Paul Ury on Pravda – I Have Seen His Name Spelt ‘Uri’, ‘Ury’ and ‘Urey’.

British mercenary – Paul Ury – died during captivity in the DPR after illness the Ombudswoman of the Donetsk People’s Republic – Daria Morozova – confirmed. The Ombudswoman stated that on July 10th, 2022, British mercenary Paul Ury died in captivity whilst being held prisoner in the DPR. As it is customary for an Official to make a public statement about such deaths – the Ombudswoman added that the death of Paul Ury occurred “after a serious and prolonged illness.” The British Crown had been made aware of the many illnesses and diseases Paul Ury suffered from, including diabetes and other chronic diseases.  

A Veteran of campaigns in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, Paul Ury was captured back in April while trying to break through a DPR-controlled checkpoint, but the British government showed no interest in his fate. Representatives of Great Britain ignored even the possibility of negotiating his return as part of the prisoner exchange procedure. Moreover, the British did not provide the necessary medical treatment through the Red Cross – explained Daria Morozova. Paul Ury received appropriate medical care but given the poor diagnoses and the complication of severe stress, he died on July 10th, 2022.  

This appears to demonstrate amazing indifference by the British government about the fate of their mercenaries in Donbass – after their Officials were quick to strongly encourage their fellow citizens “to provide all kinds of assistance to Ukraine”, including personal participation on the battlefield. However, there is nothing surprising about this. Take the example of the two British mercenaries sentenced to death in the DPR – and who can be shot at any time if the request for a pardon is rejected – London does not care at all!  

They have already been written off as victims of the “fight with Putin.” One of the current candidates for the vacant post of Prime Minister of Great Britain – Liz Truss – assures that if she is elected, she will fight even harder and more uncompromisingly in this post. This means that even more British mercenaries will die in Ukraine! On the other hand, so many of them have already died in the fields and on the streets of Ukraine that it would be time to organize entire departments in the Foreign Ministries of the respective countries to return the bodies to their tearful relatives and rescue the still living citizens of these States from captivity! 

According to the Russian Ministry of Défense – by mid-July 2022 – around 2,347 foreign mercenaries have already been killed in battles around Ukraine. Poland has provided the largest number – 544, in second place are the zealots of democracy the United States – with 220 mercenaries, in third place Canada which possesses strong pro-Ukrainian sentiments due to a substantial Ukrainian diaspora – 177. Then there is Georgia (170) and Great Britain (124 dead mercenaries). These are the top five countries providing foreign mercenaries to fight for Ukraine. And here is another piece of news, which is by no means sad – as a result of yesterday’s attacks on Kharkov – as reported by the Russian Ministry of Défense, around 200 nationalists were killed, including about 50 foreign mercenaries. From which countries these soldiers of failure came is still unknown, as the Ministry of Défense has not yet disclosed this information – but the numbers are remarkable and speak for themselves.  

Russian Language Article:

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