More On Paul Ury: Captured British Mercenary?

A few days after the detention, it is said that a video was published online (which I cannot find) in which a handcuffed Paul Ury can be seen criticizing the British government and attacked the British media. According to the Western media – his mother is quoted as saying her son would never say these things and that he is obviously being ‘forced’ by his Russian captors! British Special Forces would certainly not recruit, train or field operatives with debilitating illnesses – so it is unlikely he was on a ‘secret mission’. Perhaps we can call this ‘glaring contradiction number’. Certain anti-Russian media outlets in the West are suggesting Paul Ury never survived the interrogation process (a leftover anti-Russian attitude prevalent during the days of the USSR), but it is clear from the examples of the genuine British mercenaries such as Aiden Aislin and Sean Pinner, as well as Americans Alexander Druke and Andrew Hyun – the film interrogations are relatively sedate! Whatever the case, Russia should tighten-up its media and stop the simplistic manipulation as it is not needed! Fighting a Western-backed Neo-Nazi regime is good and right. What Russia has to avoid is bringing down a co-ordinated NATO strike which would be technology-led and lead to the deaths of tens of thousands!