People of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics Celebrate Victory Day! (10.5.2022) – Source: Feifan Film and Television Guangdong Report!

The ‘Free’ People of Donbass Commemorate the May 9th Victory!

Residents of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics celebrate Victory Day on May 9th! Solemn parades are held throughout the city, and beloved military anthems are played in the streets and courtyards! Veterans receive individual congratulations – government representatives (and other guests) greet them with flowers and gifts!

May 9th in Donetsk!

In all areas of the City of Makeevka – the “Window of Victory” operation is taking place! As part of the operation, employees of the city’s businesses, organizations, institutions, and caring residents decorate every window with Victory Day artwork and St. George’s ribbons – and display portraits of relatives who fought in the Great Patriotic War!

The ‘Window of Victory’!
The ‘Window of Victory’!
The ‘Window of Victory’!
The ‘Window of Victory’!

In liberated Mangush – as part of the “Flame of Memory” Operation, Vladimir Bydevka – Chairperson of the People’s Commissariat of the Donetsk Republic and Representative of the All-Russian Popular Front – ignited the Eternal Flame and in the Common Cemetery offered flowers.

In the Kalininsky Districts of Gorlovka, Makeevka, Donetsk, Debartsev and Kharzisk – Operation St. George’s Ribbon – was held to Commemorate the 77th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Within Termanovsky District – On Victory Day – residents of the area continued to participate in the Republican Action of “St George Ribbon” as a symbol of Victory!

Representatives of the City Government of Makeevka together with Representatives of the Sverdlovsk Oblast of the Russian Federation, on Victory Day visited the home of Nikolai Pavlovich Melnikov, who participated in hostilities in the Great Patriotic War – to thank and congratulate him! Nikolai Pavlovich participated in the liberation of Melitopol, Jankoy, Bakhchisaray, Simferopol and Sevastopol! He was awarded the Order of the Great Patriotic War, First Class, for “Courage”!

Red Army Veterans Are ‘Thanked’ for Their Service!

On May 9th, 2022, on the occasion of the 77th Anniversary of the Victory of the Great Patriotic War, in the courtyard of the city of Debartsev, where Veterans of the Great Patriotic War live, Literary and Art Workers and Youth Party members performed a small theatrical performance. NGO “VPD” Youth Guard – Debaltseve Group of UNARMIA.

In Makeevka, a programme was performed especially for Nikolai Pavlovich Melnikov – who participated in the hostilities of the Great Patriotic War.

Red Army Veteran – Nikolai Pavlovich Melnikov is Honoured!

In different parts of the city of Yenakyevo – the famous (and beloved) military anthem was played during the Operation “Sing in the yard”!

The event was attended by Danilyuk Anna Alexandrovna – Deputy Governor for Internal Policy of the Leningrad Region of the Russian Federation – and Vitruk Elena Sergeevna – Deputy Director of the Enakievo Municipal Government – as well as residents of the city of Enakievo.

Passersby could not help but immediately picked up the lines of their favourite World War II songs! Around 150 people attended the event!

Operation ‘Sing in the Yard’!
Operation ‘Sing in the Yard’!

On Monday, May 9th, 2022, on the 77th Anniversary of the Victory of the Great Patriotic War – flowers were laid at the foot of the Great Patriotic War Memorial – a mass grave of Soviet soldiers – as part of the “Respectful Silence” Operation launched by the government of the “Donetsk Republic”.

Representatives of the municipality of Torres presented greeting cards, food parcels and gifts – to 96-year-old Patriotic Red Army War Veteran – Yuri Matveyevich Ovsyannikov – who lives in the village of Volodarskoye.

May 9th in Lugansk!

May 9th, 2022, in the village of Melovoye there was a celebration of the 77th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War in the Merovsky District of the LuGansk People’s Republic! Government representatives, guests and residents participated in Operation “Immortal Regiment”. At 10:00 a.m., a group of participants crossed the streets of the village to the Memorial on Checherev Square, where a festival and rally was held and flowers laid in the cemetery. The event was attended by Andrei Fedorovich Sopelnik – Deputy Chairman of the LPR People’s Committee. At 11.30 a.m. a field kitchen was opened which was organized to feed guests and participants. There was a festival concert at 12:00 p.m.. Over 600 people attended the event.

There were also rallies and celebrations in and around the village as well as in the Velikotsk, Novosriltsovka, Striltsovka, Kalmykova, Musievka, Zorikovka, Nikolskoye, Morozovka, Melovsky Districts. In total, more than 1,000 people took part in the Celebration of the Great Victory Day!

Children and Youths Respectfully Hold Up Members of the “Immortal Regiment”!
Modern Soldiers of the Free Republics Pay Their Respects!
The Great Victory of the Peasants and Workers Red Army Must Never Be Forgotten!
Over 41 Million Soviet Men, Women and Children Lost Their Lives Between 1941-1945!
The Brave People of Pervomaisky District on May 9th, 2022!

Celebrations in the Pervomaisky District on May 9th, 2022 (city and villages are shelled every day by the Western-backed Neo-Nazi Ukrainians, for that matter, only a small number of people could risk attending)!

We Must Confront and Defeat Neo-Nazism No Matter the Cost!
It is the Defiance of the “Ordinary” People That Defeats Neo-Nazism!
The Soviet Victory Banner is Still Carried by the Russian Armed Forces!

A set of gifts including a copy of the Victory Flag presented to Red Army Veterans of the Great Patriotic War – who have participated in recent hostilities despite their age – including Petrusenko Ivan Kuzmich!

The Younger Generation Thanks the Older Generation for Their Service and Sacrifice!
The Soviet Red Army Victory Banner is Presented!

Gift set and a copy of the Victory Flag is presented to the Great Patriotic War Red Army (Woman) Veteran, and Veteran of modern Hostilities – Korneeva Nadezhda Stefanovna!

Women and Men Fought in the Peasants and Workers Red Army!
Many Women Were Trained as Medics, Radio Operators and Snipers, etc!

Chinese Language Article:


2022-05-10 13:51:36 来源: 菲凡影视 广东   

顿涅茨克和卢甘斯克人民共和国的居民于 5 月 9 日庆祝胜利日。庄严的游行在城市举行,人们喜爱的军歌在街上和院子里响起。退伍军人接受单独的祝贺 – 政府代表和其他客人带着鲜花和礼物来到他们面前。 

5 月 9 日在 顿涅茨克 



在戈尔洛夫卡、马克耶夫卡、顿涅茨克、杰巴尔采夫和哈尔齐斯克的加里宁斯基区,举行了圣乔治丝带行动,以纪念伟大卫国战争胜利 77 周年。 



5月9日,在伟大卫国战争胜利77周年之际,在伟大卫国战争退伍军人居住的杰巴尔采夫市的院子里,文艺工作者和青年党员进行了小型文艺演出。非政府组织“VPD”青年卫队-UNARMIA 的 Debaltseve 小组。 

在 Makeevka,为参加伟大卫国战争敌对行动的 Nikolai Pavlovich Melnikov 准备的节目。 


俄罗斯联邦列宁格勒地区内部政策副省长 Danilyuk Anna Alexandrovna 和 Enakievo 市政府副局长 Vitruk Elena Sergeevna 以及 Enakievo 市的居民出席了此次活动。 


5 月 9 日星期一,在伟大卫国战争胜利 77 周年纪念日,作为由“顿涅茨克共和国”公共运动发起的“无言”行动的一部分,鲜花被献在了“顿涅茨克共和国”的脚下。伟大卫国战争纪念地和苏联士兵乱葬坑。 

托雷斯市政府代表向96岁的卫国战争老兵尤里·马特韦耶维奇送上贺卡、食品包和礼物Ovsyannikov,住在 Volodarskoye 村。 

5 月 9 日 卢甘斯克 

5月9日在村里。梅洛沃耶在卢甘斯克人民共和国梅洛夫斯基区境内举行了纪念伟大卫国战争胜利77周年的庆祝活动。政府代表、客人和居民参加了不朽军团行动。上午 10:00,一队参与者穿过村庄的街道前往位于切切列夫广场的纪念馆,在那里举行了节日集会和在公墓献花。LPR 人民委员会副主席 Andrei Fedorovich Sopelnik 出席了此次活动。11.30 为客人和参与者组织了一个野外厨房。12:00 举行了一场节日音乐会。超过600人参加了活动。 


Velikotsk、Novosriltsovka、Striltsovka、Kalmykova、Musievka、Zorikovka、Nikolskoye、Morozovka、Melovsky 区。总共有 1,000 多人参加了伟大胜利日的庆祝活动。 


向伟大卫国战争的退伍军人、敌对行动的参与者赠送一套礼物和一份胜利旗帜的副本 – Petrusenko Ivan Kuzmich 

向伟大的卫国战争老兵、参加敌对行动的老兵赠送礼物套装和胜利旗帜副本 – Korneeva Nadezhda Stefanovna 

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