Ukraine: Even the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ Junta Had to Recognise the Hitlerite Criminality of Its ‘Tornado’ Battalion! (10.7.2022)

Translator’s Note: My colleagues in China were surprised to say the least – to find self-confessed supporters of Adolf Hitler in the Ukraine deciding (in their muddled thinking processes) to include a distinctly ‘Chinese’ Yin-Yang Symbol on their Neo-Nazi flag! This is essentially a re-working of the ‘Nationalist’ trident of the Ukraine with the ‘Taiji’ (太极) or ‘Grand Ridgepole’ (the correct Chinese name for the ‘Yin-Yang Symbol’) situated above the handle – acting as a type of ‘cross-guard’ from which two wings emerge! Just ‘why’ this emblem (or design) was chosen remains obscure as this fascistic enterprise has absolutely NOTHING in association with Communist China, with each individual adhering to the dictates of ‘Mein Kampf’ and view ALL non-White culture as being inherently ‘inferior’!

Whilst in Prison – These Criminal Hitlerites Were Treated Like Celebrities!

The ‘White’ appropriation of ‘non-White’ cultural characteristics is not a new phenomena – with the Neo-Nazi movement even stealing symbols of the political ‘Left’ and co-opting these for use toward their Hitlerite ends! In a 2019 media photograph – which was more of a ‘Photo Opportunity’ for the Neo-Nazis ‘Tornado’ members – one of them can be seen to be wearing a Che Guevara T-Shirt with Che’s beret being altered to carry the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi ‘trident’! It is ironic, as Che Guevara was brutally ‘murdered’ by Bolivian fascists (acting under orders from the United States) in 1967! ACW (10.7.2022) 

Ukrainian news sources state that the foundations of the Neo-Nazi National Battalion known as “Tornado” could not have been destroyed by the Russian ‘Special Operation’ – because the original “Tornado” National Battalion no longer exists! Yes, this statement is correct, as the entire leadership of the original version of this National “Punishment” Battalion was imprisoned in connection for committing especially cruel mass crimes of rape, torture, robbery, murder, looting and drug running during the early years of the ‘Maidan” Junta (primarily 2014-2015 – around eighteen months of brutality). These ‘War Crimes’ and ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ were recorded and recognised by the UN (see above link). With the beginning of Russia’s “Special Operation”, however, Zelensky released most of them from prison with a ‘Pardon’ (a point of fact not mentioned in the above link), re-armed and sent them to the front!

A “Nasheed” Is An Islamic Song Praising ISIS!

This above video features one Khinzir Daniil Lyashchuk (he himself imposed the nasheed of the Islamic State) – a member of the “Tornado” National Battalion who is nicknamed “Mujahid”. Before he ‘Reverted’ to “Islam” he was a kafir member of the Neo-Nazi National Battalions “Tornado” and “Donbass” – where he applied his trade of Hitlerite criminality! The “new” Tornado Nationalist Battalion possesses a definite “Islamo-Fascist” feel about it – who knows – perhaps they will run into our Chechen Brothers who are putting an end to all such abusers of humanity!

🇷🇺🇺🇦Украинские ресурсы рассказывают, что базу нацбата «Торнадо» уничтожить ВКС не могли, потому что никакого «Торнадо» уже не существует. Да, его не существовало, потому что все руководство нацбата пересажали в связи с массовыми и особо жестокими преступлениями: изнасилования, грабежи, мародёрство, наркотики во время АТО. Но с началом СВО Зеленский большинство из них выпустил из тюрем, вооружил и отправил на фронт. На видео (нашид «Исламского государства» он сам наложил) — один из таких — хинзир Даниил Лящук по кличке «Моджахед». Он вышел на свободу. Ранее кафир был в нацбатах «Торнадо» и «Донбасс».

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