Reasons for Boris Johnson’s Resignation! (8.7.2022) 

Theodore Johnson (b. 1.1.1999) Boris Johnson’s Youngest Son – Pictured in 2016 Walking Past a Protest Banner Concerning the Dubious Character of His Father!

Author Note: The Tories – who broke their own ‘draconian’ rules whilst inflicting those rules upon the rest of us (and which contributed to the murder of Sarah Everard by a serving Metropolitan Police Officer) – are issued with Fixed Penalty Notices (for illegally ‘Partying’ at Number 10) – whilst the rest of us – the ‘ordinary’ people (although predominantly ‘women’) – receive custodial sentences for protesting Police violence!! The UK currently lives under an elected ‘Dictatorship’ which see the bourgeoisie viciously maintain political dominance at any cost and continuously promote individuals of proven ‘bad’ character into positions High Office and considerable political power and influence! This rich minority controls the Police, the political, legal and judicial systems and manipulates them entirely for their own gratification using a subservient media! Boris Johnson, although he has ‘resigned’, has also managed to ‘stay-on’ as Prime Minister until the Autumn! So, being as ‘slippery’ as ever – he has not really gone at all! Even when ‘resigning’ Boris Johnson cannot help but continue to be ‘dishonest’! The entire crux of the matter me thinks! ACW (9.7.2022)

“Johnson Walks Away with Loads of Money he Made in Ukraine.”

“The British Prime Minister has managed to amass in the UK (and transfer) as much money as possible to assist the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian regime – and has nothing else to achieve in this post! He has provided an ample pension not only for himself (through the theft of large amounts of this money into his private accounts) – but has secured (through this dishonesty) a sound financial future for his children!

British financial support has been directed to accounts in Kyiv where a tenth of this money has been set-aside for the exclusive use of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – whilst the rest is distributed throughout the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi (Civil) Authorities – where the money is laundered through the bank accounts of front companies.”

The Head of Chechnya noted that the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Authorities have created an unprecedented global scheme for harvesting untraceable cash and the stealing funds – which no independent agency (outside of Russia) has been empowered to investigate.

Ramzan Kadyrov On the Resignation of Boris Johnson from the Post of British Prime Minister

Boris Johnson was parachuted into Number 10 on a wave popularist middle-class opposition to a left-wing Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn (who threatened to reverse every Tory NHS cut)! This was the primary purpose the middle-class chose Boris Johnson as Prime Minister (and to lead the Conservative Party). The Reasons Boris Johnson resigned as British Prime Minister are manifold and accumulative, and I suspect, open to interpretation and subject to opinion. However, the fact that many Tories quite naturally assume they are above the law – whilst they utilise the facility of ‘law’ to oppress everyone else – does not necessarily mean that a suitable ‘cross-referencing’ list cannot be compelled for popular consumption, education and edification! In recent weeks, the Tories have suffered a number of terrible by-election results – with perhaps the Tiverton and Honiton result being the most indicative of the perceived public turn against the Tories with the Lib-Dems winning the seat and over-turning a 25,000 Conservative majority! This part of Devon is typical of many Conservative-dominated, post-industrial wastelands where the huddled masses are so enmeshed in their working-class ‘false consciousness’ that they continuously vote – generation by generation – for their own oppression to continue!  

1) When millions of British people faced certain death during the Covid-19 Pandemic – having to live within ‘strict’ lockdown conditions enforced by the Police – whilst hundreds of thousands of NHS Staff bravely went to work every day knowing that the right-wing Tory Party was continuing to shut down the NHS (simultaneously refusing to pay a fair wage or supply proper protective clothing) – Boris Johns and his Conservative chums spent their time ‘partying’ at Number 10 – flouting every regulation the Tory Party enacted and made each and every UK citizen live under! Who can forget the momentous occasion when the House of Commons ‘voted-down’ a 1% pay-rise for beleaguered NHS Staff – and how the Tories cheered, clapped and stamped their feet in excitement, support and sheer glee at the result! These alcohol fuelled get togethers expressed the usual betrayal of Tory leadership and the dictatorial style of governance the Tory Party prefers to inflict upon the masses! 

2) The night before the funeral of Prince Philip (whilst the Queen sat alone following Covid-19 regulations) the Tories (led by Boris Johnson) partied yet again at Number 10! The public outrage amongst the middle-classes was such that Boris Johnson was compelled to personally apologise to the Queen! From a working-class point of view, this is no way to show respect for a former good friend of Nazi Germany (whose relatives were ‘members’ of – or had ‘married’ into the Nazi Party)! The Tories can murder over 120,000 disabled people between 2010-2016 (as confirmed by a UN Report) in a genocidal project that is ongoing – and all the bourgeoisie care about is what a dead ex-Nazi might think about the sleaze associated with the political party he would have undoubtedly supported! Still, the middle-classes can sleep soundly in their beds knowing the Tories are doing their level best to emulate Nazi Germany by eradicating Britain’s population of people with disabilities! 

3) By January 2022, the Metropolitan Police were investigating at least ‘twelve’ separate occasions where the Tory Party held parties, get togethers and other social events in Number 10 (Downing Street) and surrounding government buildings (between 2020-2021). The Police were obliged to issue 126 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) to a number of high-ranking Tories including Boris Johnson (and his wife), as well as Rishi Sunak – the then Chancellor of the Exchequer! To be clear, whilst the British public suffered from the economic devastation of the Covid-19 Crisis – which included substantial psychological and physical distress – the Tory leadership knowingly and wilfully ‘broke’ their own regulations that they had set in-place to protect public health and prevent Covid-19 from spreading! Who can forget the murder of Sarah Everard by a rogue British Police Officer supposedly enforcing these regulations in 2021! Despite investigating this particular expression of Tory sleaze – the Metropolitan Police have been accused of corruption and favouritism in the relatively ‘light’ manner in which it handled Boris Johnson and his continuous offending. One question that has never been adequately answered is ‘why’ the Metropolitan Police Officer(s) on duty at 10 Downing Street NEVER ‘questioned’ these illegal gatherings and did not enforce the law properly – as the Police were doing throughout the country against ordinary people! According to an article in The Independent’ newspaper (linked above), the following Police instruction is now in effect:

‘The Metropolitan Police on Friday said it had asked civil servant Sue Gray to remove key details of potential illegality from her long-awaited report into the Partygate scandal – citing a need not to prejudice its own separate investigation.

The development means some aspects of behaviour at Downing Street may not be made public at a key moment of political danger for the PM – and even raises the prospect that some facts might never see the light of day at all.’

4) An accumulative issue of Boris Johnson’s corruption in High Office involves his handling of the Priti Patel affair. Priti Patel has a long history involving her own corruption and offending – which includes supporting the fascist BJP government of India, dodgy business dealings, support for Zionist Israel (for which she once had to ‘resign’ for dishonesty) and her general attitude of disrespect toward the Black Lives Matter movement (where she is accused of holding ‘racist’ viewpoints). Indeed, so committed is she to replicating the Eurocentric world of White dominance that she demonised immigrants and asylum-seekers, expressed disdain and indifference to the suffering of the working-class, and criticised the riots across the world protesting the murder of the Black American George Floyd at the hands of a White Police in the US and his co-accused Police colleagues! Furthermore, during November 2020, Priti Patel was found ‘guilty’ of breaking the Ministerial Code whilst holding Public Office by ‘bullying’ Civil Servants and other members of staff! This devastating indictment of her inadequate character should have led to her resignation – or her dismissal by the Prime Minister – but neither outcome eventuality transpired! Instead, Boris Johnson ‘protected’ Priti Patel and refused to accept the findings of the official investigation! Therefore, a Tory degenerate was empowered by a Tory Prime Minister to continue with her reign of terror whilst occupying a number of High-Offices! It was also revealed around November 2021, that Priti Patel was responsible for issuing a government press release naming an innocent Muslim man and accusing him of being a ‘hate-preacher’! Patel was forced to apologise, and the Tory government had to pay a specific sum in compensation!  

5) This incarnation of the Tories has been in power in the UK since 2010 – when they first gained power in a Coalition with the equally odious Lib-Dems. New Labour was ousted from power by a hostile bourgeois media that took exception to the Prime Minister – Gordon Brown – once being a member of the Communist Party in the UK! In reality the bourgeoise had nothing to worry about as ‘New’ Labour, being as ‘fascist’ as ever, was preparing to dismantle the Welfare State and privatise the NHS! I have written elsewhere (and numerous times) of how my colleague (who formerly worked for the Audit Commission) was ‘briefed’ by a ‘New’ Labour Minister of this plan in 2009! Apparently, this was a policy demanded by Britain’s membership of the European Union (EU) – the ‘Constitution’ of which (there are at least five or six depending upon how they are counted) demands that ALL ‘Socialised’ system of healthcare and ALL Welfare States be dismantled, privatised and/or abolished so as to comply with America’s post-1945 ‘anti-Socialist’ plan for Europe! Once ‘privatised’ – or so the EU dictates stress – these once public services cannot be ‘re-nationalised’ and must remain in private hands or entirely abolished never to see the light of day again! The left voted ‘Lexit’ (Left Exist of the EU) so the UK could withdraw from the EU and then ‘reverse’ every right-wing cut made since 1979 – but the vehicle for this envisioned policy was was Jeremy Corbyn – who asked the working-class to vote ‘out’ of the EU only for him to refer to these same (loyal) Labour voters as ‘fascists’ some months later when he wilted to Labour’s Trotskyite right – led by the anti-Chinese Diane Abbot! For this betrayal, millions of usually sound Labour voters in the North of England did the unthinkable and voted Tory!  

This policy got the UK out of the EU but condemned the nation to further Tory rule! Essentially, the Tories have continued to apply EU dictates in the continuous cutting of Welfare, Social Services and the NHS – in what looks like a preparation for a future Lib-Dem electoral victory and Britain’s re-entry into the EU! The EU is run by Washington via Berlin and is the vehicle for US neo-imperialist control of Western Europe – with NATO being expanded into Eastern Europe through the agency of ‘Neo-Nazism’. As the Soviet Union utterly destroyed the forces of Nazi Germany between 1941-1945, the political far-right around the world blames ethnic Russians for this defeat and holds ‘Russia’ personally responsible! The idiocy of the far-right is such that even Russian Neo-Nazis blame ‘Russia’ and ‘themselves’ for this defeat! Mental illness aside, or perhaps in the forefront (as it is hard to distinguish sometimes), America’s first elected ‘Black’ leader – Barack Obama – agreed for the US to align itself with the political far-right in the Ukraine, and to assist in every way the illegal seizing of power by the Neo-Nazi ‘Euro-Maidan’ Junta in early 2014! The US also supported similar ‘Neo-Nazi’ regimes throughout Eastern Europe so that Russia has become encircled by countries that view Adolf Hitler as their ‘saviour’ from what they misrepresent as ‘Soviet tyranny’ and oppression! The US-controlled (English-language) Wikipedia has done its part in allowing Neo-Nazi regimes in the Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Slovakia, etc, to continuously re-write history – so that it conforms to the auspices of US anti-intellectualism and the ‘inverted’ logic of the ‘Cold War’!  

Although Boris Johnson has only been the British Prime Minister for three-years (since 2019) – he has firmly supported the US and its immoral and disastrous policy of mindlessly supporting Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine! He has nothing to say about the UN Report which states that around 15,000 men, women and children that have been murdered (between 2014-2022) by the Hitlerite ‘National Punishment Battalions’ employed by the ‘Maidan’ Junta in its opposition of the anti-fascist ‘People’s Republics’ that emerged across the Donbass region of East Ukraine! The US, UK and EU called for the recruitment of volunteers from all the White Supremacy movements around the world during 2014 to assist the ‘Maidan’ Junta in its consolidation of power! Boris Johnson has NOT exposed this ‘Crime Against Humanity’ perpetuated by the US – and has continued to associate the UK with this ahistorical insanity! British people joined with the USSR during the 1940s in the fight against International Fascism and should not be supporting any form of Neo-Nazism! British schoolchildren should not be taught that Ukraine is the victim, and that fleeing Ukrainian Neo-Nazis ‘War Criminals’ should NOT be accommodated into our communities! This is an ongoing ‘War Crime’ that Boris Johnson has perpetuated and those of us that oppose Ukrainian Neo-Nazism welcome his resignation – although it will not change Britain’s overall policy of meekly following every dictate issued by the White House! I suspect the Lim-Dems might well win a general election and propel the UK back into the EU!  

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Corruption experts warn Boris Johnson’s government is worst since WWII

Black Lives Matter: Boris Johnson says protesters not focusing on ‘enough of the positive stuff’


Woman who took to the streets to remember Sarah Everard gets three years in prison

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