Reasons for Boris Johnson’s Resignation! (8.7.2022) 

He has nothing to say about the UN Report which states that around 15,000 men, women and children that have been murdered (between 2014-2022) by the Hitlerite ‘National Punishment Battalions’ employed by the ‘Maidan’ Junta in its opposition of the anti-fascist ‘People’s Republics’ that emerged across the Donbass region of East Ukraine! The US, UK and EU called for the recruitment of volunteers from all the White Supremacy movements around the world during 2014 to assist the ‘Maidan’ Junta in its consolidation of power! Boris Johnson has NOT exposed this ‘Crime Against Humanity’ perpetuated by the US – and has continued to associate the UK with this ahistorical insanity! British people joined with the USSR during the 1940s in the fight against International Fascism and should not be supporting any form of Neo-Nazism! British schoolchildren should not be taught that Ukraine is the victim, and that fleeing Ukrainian Neo-Nazis ‘War Criminals’ should NOT be accommodated into our communities! This is an ongoing ‘War Crime’ that Boris Johnson has perpetuated and those of us that oppose Ukrainian Neo-Nazism welcome his resignation – although it will not change Britain’s overall policy of meekly following every dictate issued by the White House! I suspect the Lim-Dems might well win a general election and propel the UK back into the EU!